What's your natural active sexual attitude, according to your Mars sign?

natural-sexual-attitude-466.jpg What Mars in the signs reveals you about your natural active sexual attitude?

Mars in Aries

You have strong stamina and lots of energy, you want to show your power and initiative during sex.

What really turns you on is being the dominant lover.

You would love an open minded partner who can play shy from time to time, and let you take control.

Mars in Taurus

You are endowed with an intense sensuality and romanticism. There is no love demonstration greater than sex for you. Foreplay is as important as intercourse; caresses, long kisses and pampering are essential.

Lovemaking needs to be enjoyed slowly and involve the 5 senses, both your own and your partner’s. You take the time to set the room up for sex with several sensory stimulations (might be candles, music, incense), of course, including delicious food and beverages.

For the sake of your sanity, you need frequent intercourse. Sex deprivation really makes you sulky.

Mars in Gemini

Sex for you is an intellectual activity. You need mental stimulation to enhance sexual arousal. Sex games, dirty talking, role-playing, you are willing to try anything new as long as it brings variety into the bedroom. You feed your excitement with words and ideas.

You use your hands a lot during sex, something that your lovers appreciate. Your mental energy is so strong that you might get more pleasure from vivid imagination than from the intercourse itself.

Mars in Cancer

Your sex drive changes accordingly with your mood. Since your mood is quite volatile, so is your libido. Your sexual attitude is basically conservative. You need to engage emotionally with your lovers in order to enjoy sex.

Cuddling, hugging, tenderness and preliminaries are very important for your sexual connection. Your strong intuition is very useful under the sheets as you perceive what your lovers need to reach the climax of pleasure.

A safe set and setting it’s crucial to ignite the passion in your sexual encounters, as well as a cozy place. It is possible that you find yourself so overwhelmed by the beauty of lovemaking that you might burst into tears.

Mars in Leo

Your sexual drive and vitality are pretty strong. You are a romantic, passionate lover who craves all the attention; the sexual act needs to revolve around you.

Your generosity, coupled with your need to display your power, take you to strive to be the best in bed. You really care about impressing your lovers, bed is your stage and you are the main character of the play.

Mars in Virgo

Your lovers never go unsatisfied with you, you put special effort at mastering your sexual techniques and your attention goes into the details.

You have very agile hands and know how to use them. You need intense love sessions that can last long time, you want sex to be methodical, clean, organized and even scheduled from time to time.

You find it hard to open up about your sexual fantasies, but you could dare to try new experiences as long as you admire and trust your lover.

Mars in Libra

You have an enormous desire to give your partner full pleasure and expect to receive the same in return, so the game is fair and things are balanced.

There's a need for beauty and equilibrium in lovemaking. For you, sex is a way to reinforce communication and mental chemistry, not merely carnal desire. Foreplay and visual aesthetics are essential for you to get aroused.

Mars in Scorpio

You have a volcanic sexuality that needs to be satisfied on a regular basis. You are extremely passionate, intuitive, creative and intense during lovemaking.

You have endless energy and want to take sex to the limit. Not everybody can handle you. You crave for a partner who is willing to fully surrender to you sexually, and explore the unknown, dark, mystic energies that can emerge from sex together.

Mars in Sagittarius

You perceive sex as a way of having fun, you are simple and feel no inhibitions in bed. Since you value friendship in the sexual field, many of your sexual encounters might be with friends or people whom you feel comfortable with. You are very active and creative, always open to experience new sensations in the bedroom.

You are the 'try it all' type. You love to please and satisfy your partner’s desires, a generous lover and you are often praised for your sexual prowess. One important chapter of your erotic repertoire involves spontaneous sexual fantasies, where boredom and seriousness are definitely not allowed.

Mars in Capricorn

You hide a strong lust and passion that emerges once things get heated up. There isn’t a lot of variety in your sexual behavior but you know what you want and how you like it.

You have a powerful and steady sexual energy that enables you to have sex all night long if you want to. Watching your partner reach climax is a heavy turn on for you, an achieved victory.

You hardly ever do things that seem out of your limits during sex, you prefer to stick to your known practices. Your sexual drive can be easily controlled if you decide to, impulses don’t get in your way.

Mars in Aquarius

Thinking, fantasizing and literally having sex in your mind is your biggest turn-on. You have a quirky, curious attitude towards sex. You crave creativity, variety and mental stimulation in bed.

You are sexually attracted towards unique, unconventional people, willing to go beyond the boundaries of traditional sex.

You want to be in charge, you don't wield sexual power. Virtual sex, sex chats, sexting and anything that combines sex, imagination, technology and novelty turn you on.

Mars in Pisces

Your imagination is your biggest sexual stimulation, you spend a great part of the encounter on an alternative reality. You are the vulnerable, selfless lover who can offer unconditional surrender and sacrifice in sex. Foreplay is very important, you need a lot of affection gestures, caresses and sweet kisses in order to get aroused.

You can't be involved in sex if emotions and imagination are not. You accept, and are willing to explore, a wide range of feelings with your partner, even combining sex with expanded states of consciousness.