What's the best way for you to actively seduce a potential partner, according to your Mars sign?

me-seduce-partner-466.jpg What Mars in the signs tells you about the best way for you to actively seduce a potential partner?

Mars in Aries

You don't complicate yourself when interested in someone, you go for it with determination, honesty and audacity. You are a hunter, chasing hard to get potential lovers is like the Olympics for you.

Your heart and body are on fire in the initial stages of the conquer phase but, just as quickly, the fire extinguishers when you get what you want.

Mars in Taurus

For you to go after someone, there needs to be more than simple attraction; you don't waste your time and energy if you don’t see potential. When you are convinced the prospect is worth it, you play your cards patiently and persistently until you conquer your objective. If you get rejected once, you try 99 more times.

You want things to be done in dribs and drabs rather than taking risks. One of your best techniques to drag others closer is showing off your value, both inner and material, and talking about your ambitious plans.

Financial security is very important to you, you look for a partner who can make you feel safe in that matter.

Mars in Gemini

Seducing is pretty natural for you, mainly because you are very curious and permanently looking for novelty in the love field. Your energetic intellect and scintillating conversational style are your best seduction assets.

Love, for you, is more intellectual than physical, or emotional. Picaresque, sarcastic and funny conversations are always part of the flirt game.

Mars in Cancer

When you want someone to be attracted to you, you behave in a very protective, sentimental, romantic way. You really want to demonstrate how much you care about your prospect’s emotions and needs.

Inviting them for dinner at your house, where you can feed them and take care of them, is one of your most effective methods to win their affection.

Mars in Leo

You have a powerful, sparkling aura that lights up the room, you use your natural charm and strong presence to approach new lovers. You are energetic, warmhearted, confident and inspire trust in others.

You need to be with someone who is just as great as you, someone you can admire and feel proud of.

Mars in Virgo

You are methodical, detail-oriented, adaptable, meticulous and pragmatic. Your energy is very mental, analytical and precise. You like to plan absolutely everything when it comes to seducing.

You like to be clean, neat and aligned and your care for health is also important to feel comfortable with the object of your desires. When choosing a lover, you follow your logical reasoning as much as your feelings.

You are a multitasker who might impress more than one with your wide range of skills.

Mars in Libra

Your seduction games are soft, diplomatic, delicate and refined. You seek harmony and balance above all. For that reason, you interact smoothly, without imposing yourself onto others.

You seduce potential prospects by being kind, attentive, polite and, of course, a good listener, which makes them feel understood and cared for. Romanticism is another of your great seduction weapons.

Mars in Scorpio

You can attract whomever you choose with your strong magnetism and powerful personality. Seduction is never a silly game for you, it’s intense, deep and intimate.

You can look beyond superficial appearances and discover the most subtle aspects of your lover’s personalities using that as a seduction strategy.

Your penetrating gaze and halo of mystery are both intimidating and fascinating. It is very difficult for anyone not to succumb to your charms.

Mars in Sagittarius

Your seduction techniques are driven by strong assertiveness, enthusiasm and honesty. When you play conquest, you hate façades and fake masks. Impulsiveness leads to you performing very daring acts without considering risks.

You have a relentless spirit eager to find new adventures and interesting love prospects. Your love life is a sports game where you want to have a good time. An exaggerated optimism convinces you that you can seduce anyone who crosses your way with your confident, bold personality.

Your great sense of humor is one of your best weapons of seduction, you know the importance of laughing and making your partner laugh, and it helps you to break down any resistance.

Mars in Capricorn

You have a strong will oriented towards specific objectives. You are responsible, organized, loyal and suitable for long-term relationships. You don't fall in love easily, your passion grows only for someone who meets your exigent criteria.

Your seducing manners are very tenacious yet measured, you don't take false steps. Prudence is one of your best qualities, you are completely aware of the reality and your possibilities and take your time before approaching someone.

You are a hard working, successful partner who understands the importance of sacrificing little pleasures in life in order to achieve greater accomplishments. You bring this attitude also to your seductive ventures, planning for long term relationship instead of looking for something superficial.

Mars in Aquarius

You approach potential partners in an original way, breaking down conservative schemes and innovating the seduction game.

You like to act cool, friendly, unique and unpredictable. You quickly establish intellectual connections with others by talking about your creations, ideals, and beliefs. Anyone on your radar can be captivated by your unconventional manner.

Mars in Pisces

It’s not easy for you to go after someone you like in a forthright manner. You prefer to keep your feelings secret and just fantasize about it.

However, once you make your first move you make potential prospects feel special by being understanding, loving, supportive, compassionate and sweet. Conversations, where you can interchange artistic or spiritual aspirations, help you to connect easily with them.

Also your intuitive qualities support you in understanding your partner's likes, strength and weaknesses.