What annoys you most in a relationships, according to your Venus sign?

venus-annoys-me.jpg What Venus in the signs can show you about what annoys you most in a relationships?

Venus in Aries

Courageous, passionate and active, you are most annoyed by people who aren’t as daredevil as you.

People who don’t follow their passions, or who are slow to make a decision unnerve you. You may literally become restless waiting for someone who doesn’t share your fast pace.

You also love to prove yourself through challenges and facing obstacles head on and you can’t understand those who prefer to remain ignorant.

Venus in Taurus

You are annoyed by people who ask for your advice and don’t take it.

Equally annoying are those who will accept your generosity but not return the favor or, even worse, repeatedly make the same mistakes which put them in a position of need in the first place.

You see the world in black and white terms and can’t understand why some people need to meander through the grey area before they figure out what is and is not good for them.

Your patience will only extend so far and you are likely to become annoyed by those who repeat the same mistakes and come to you to help clean up the mess.

You can be spared some of this annoyance by setting different boundaries with people and accepting that not everyone will share your values.

Venus in Gemini

You are curious, mentally active and intelligent. You become annoyed with people who refuse to read, research or feed their minds.

Especially offensive are individuals who are not interested in learning new things or who assert their opinions as if they were facts.

You are also annoyed by communication errors and will have to restrain yourself from correcting people’s grammar, spelling and punctuation on social media.

Though usually good natured and outgoing you may be able to overlook these mild annoyances for the sake of maintaining your friendships.

Venus in Cancer

Your degree of annoyance with others will depend on your baseline mood during the hour of the offensive behavior.

What rolls off your back one minute may incite rant the next. In particular you don’t tolerate people being cruel to children, animals or their family members. You are emotionally sensitive and become annoyed when people try to dismiss your feelings or intuition.

If someone insults your home, family or cooking it is likely to annoy you as well. At the very least you will want to know that your efforts to nurture others have been appreciated.

Venus in Leo

You love to be the center of attention and it annoys you to have to share the spotlight. You are good natured enough to hide your annoyance, typically.

You are even more annoyed when others interrupt you in the midst of one of your many stories. When you are attempting to tell a joke or entertain others and someone steals your thunder or beats you to the punch line, it will also annoy you.

Venus in Virgo

You are meticulous, practical and health conscious. Your detail oriented nature can lead to numerous little things annoying you.

You notice when pictures are hung crooked, when food is not cooked properly or when others are disorganized or untidy.

You are annoyed also when others become excessively emotional, since you are able to remain level headed about most things.

You can minimize your reaction to others’ neediness or disorganization by trying to see others in a more empowered light rather than only focusing on flaws. This is good practice for you in general as you tend to be a perfectionist.

Venus in Libra

You love balance, harmony and equality and love to create beauty for those around you. When others don’t appreciate the value of the arts and culture it annoys you.

You are also irked by any type of bigotry or prejudice. You can’t stand inequality and will be annoyed by social injustices.

You don’t understand why some people ignore their senses, especially the sense of sight. Rooms which are poorly decorated, outfits that don’t match or break fashion rules and people who dismiss the power of style, color and image offend your senses.

Venus in Scorpio

You are drawn to power and mystery. When you recognize someone playing mind games or playing off of your sympathy, and you will recognize it, you become annoyed.

You don’t like being deceived and you interpret mind games as a form of deception.

You will also get annoyed with others who are needy and dependent. You enjoy your privacy and will not tolerate someone asking too many questions, overstepping your boundaries, or poking around in your private life.

You struggle to realize that you are capable of the same things that annoys you in others. You have empathy yet you tend to fall into concrete thinking and hold a double standard when it comes to your expectations of forgiveness while viewing others through a judgmental lens.

Venus in Sagittarius

You love to break down barriers and expand your horizons.

You are jovial and good natured and are not easily annoyed. What will wear on your nerves though are people who try to project their narrow views of life and possibility onto you.

You think outside the box and love to explore and learn. People who are not open to new concepts, who are dismissive of spiritual wisdom and higher education or who abhor science will annoy you.

You are also annoyed when people act as if their culture is superior, dismissing the potential to learn from other cultures around the world.

Venus in Capricorn

You are hard working, serious and ambitious. You take your goals to heart and have high aspirations for your career.

If someone downplays the importance of your work or criticizes your career goals, you will become annoyed. You are also annoyed by people who are excessively emotional, since this clashes with your practical nature.

You are a traditionalist and tend to be conservative. People who are flashy or attention seeking will annoy you because you would rather blend into the background.

Venus in Aquarius

Freedom loving and individualistic, you are a rebel who loves to shock others and challenge the rules. You are annoyed by confinement and restriction.

If others try to impose their will or authority on you, you will push back. You will be annoyed by those who can’t appreciate your vision and intelligence.

You also have little patience for those who downplay or dismiss their own intelligence.

When you are involved in group efforts or large gatherings you can be more tolerant of otherwise annoying behavior. In more intimate relationshisp, ironically, you tend to react to behavior that irritates you because you can’t lose yourself in the crowd or in a group effort.

Venus in Pisces

You are usually laid back and would rather go with the flow than ruffle feathers.

You can become annoyed by those who lack depth and take everything at face value. You see the interconnectedness of all things and are well aware of the patterns that exist in nature.

Your outlook is spiritual and mystical and you can become annoyed by people who think only in concrete terms.

You are likely to let this annoyance go in most cases however because you tend to be accepting and compassionate. You can empathize with those who don’t share your views and this leads you to be lenient with others.