Sun and Sun Aspects in the Synastry Chart: How well do you Identify With Each Other?

By 12andus


How well do you identify with each other?

Sun and Sun conjunct in the synastry chart

You easily identify with your significant other and feel as though you are cut from the same cloth. Your identities and energies are similar and you have a strong connection and understanding of each others’ preferences and motivations.

You may share common goals and aspirations as well. Though this relationship is likely to be filled with optimism and playfulness, you will have to be mindful to not lose your identity in the relationship or take boundaries for granted.

You share much of the same interests and preferences yet are still two different individuals. You may take it personally if, for instance, your partner wants to pursue hobbies or interests that don’t appeal to you.

You both help each other by uplifting each other and shining light on each others’ strengths. You are both likely to bring charisma and vital energy into each others’ lives.

Sun trine, sextile or semi-sextile Sun in the synastry chart

You both easily nurture each other’s dreams and aspirations and it fills you with joy and enthusiasm to see your partner succeed. The same is true for your partner, who feels revitalized by your optimistic energy.

You have a natural connection to each other and see eye to eye on many subjects. You are likely to share interests in common and have similar tendencies and preferences. In some ways you are so much alike that you may get lost in the same patterns, not able to see each others’ blind spots without a high level of self awareness.

You stimulate each others’ creative expression and may collaborate well on a project, in work or in romance. You have an inspiring and confidence building effect on each other, and together you are able to accomplish more than either could separately.

Sun opposite, square or semi-square Sun in the synastry chart

You are similar in many key ways, yet without further maturity and self awareness it can become easy to project insecurities onto each other rather than uplifting each other.

You may, for example, both need too much of the same thing and not realize that you are demanding from the other that which they have not yet developed the ability to provide.

You both may also assume the role of leader in the relationship, assuming the other wants the same things or is as enthusiastic about your desires and goals as you are. As a result of these assumptions, you may be surprised when your partner asserts their own independence and may come to perceive this as a betrayal or feel neglected.

You may also become jealous of your partners’ opportunities if you were aspiring to the same goals. For instance, if you both auditioned for a role in a performance and you perceive your partner succeeded while you did not, this can cause tension in the relationship.

You may also project onto your partner attributes that you yourself have not yet come to terms with in your own personality and this can cause friction.


Do your personalities and egos cooperate or collide?

Sun and Sun conjunct in the synastry chart

Your will and your ego take similar directions and goals.

You can accept and support each other because basically you enjoy an immediate mutual understanding.

You know how to motivate and energize each other.

Also, you can clearly see the weaknesses of the other person and his ego games.

Sun trine, sextile or semi-sextile Sun in the synastry chart

Your determination and your self-image go in parallel ways with like objectives.

You understand and back one another since essentially you revel in an instant joint accord.

You energies combine and align efficiently to support, stimulate, motivate and energize each other.

You enjoy the others' accomplishments as if was yours. Your ego and will don't compete.

There's a natural immediate understanding and appreciation of the other.

Sun opposite, square or semi-square Sun in the synastry chart

There's definitely a certain tension in your connection, because of ego conflicts and clashing of wills.

You need to value your differences instead of seeing them as limiting your will. Then frustration and competitiveness can transform into cooperation.


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