Sun and Venus aspects in the Synastry Chart: Do your personalities foster a romantic connection?


    Sun-Venus.jpg Do your personalities foster a romantic connection?

    Sun and Venus conjunct in the synastry chart

    Sun person feels a strong attraction to the nurturing and emotional qualities embodied by Venus person.

    Both Sun person and Venus person uplift and inspire each other’s playful and pleasure seeking sides.

    Sun person can relax and be true to their ideals and mission because they know that Venus person will accept and love them unconditionally.

    Venus person is able to express their love for Sun person's character and strengths and this further encourages Sun person.

    Sun person brings direction and ambition to Venus person and while both can enjoy the pleasures of life’s luxuries, Sun person reminds Venus person of their unique gifts and purpose.

    Sun trine, sextile or semi-sextile Venus in the synastry chart

    Sun person values Venus person's artistic, expressive and affectionate nature. Venus person shows appreciation for Sun person's strengths and confidence.

    You both feel an attraction to each other and try to help support and encourage each others’ dreams. Sun person finds Venus person's energy relaxing and harmonious and enjoys the positive attention Venus person lavishes on them.

    Venus person admires Sun person's strength and character and is inspired and uplifted by Sun person's enthusiasm. Both enjoy a fun, harmonious playful energy and are drawn to similar interests. Both are also likely to seek pleasure and comfort together.

    It is likely that Venus person will pave the way for nurturing and emotional connection with Sun person while Sun person will help Venus person develop confidence in their own identity by example.

    Both are likely to enjoy the arts and partake in their own hobbies involving creative expression. Sun person may prefer theater and dramatics, enjoying the spotlight while Venus person may have a talent for decorating, painting or other forms of artistic expression.

    Venus person values balance enough to let Sun person take the lead without feeling eclipsed by their strong personality.

    Sun opposite, square or semi-square Venus in the synastry chart

    Sun person is confident in their goals and identity, and strides toward their purpose, letting no one get in their way. Enter Venus person, whose core values may clash with important parts of Sun person's world view.

    Venus person may focus on trying to smooth out conflicts while Sun person is focused instead on acquiring status and proving their point.

    Sun person is motivated by their ego drives and ambition and may overstep Venus person's boundaries or hurt their feelings without realizing it. Sun person may also have no problem receiving praise and support from Venus person while being too focused on their own path to give support and recognition back to Venus person in return.

    You may have some common ground yet it takes effort to harmonize your energies and build your connection to each other.

    Do you have a loving connection?

    Sun and Venus conjunct in the synastry chart

    You have a loving connection with a high mutual attraction. You definitely like each other. This combination is favorable for romantic and loving relationships as well as for best friends.

    Sun person feels loved by charming Venus person while Venus person is fascinated by Sun person's personality, will and actions.

    Venus person is affectionate toward Sun person and Sun person reciprocates by giving value to Venus person, who feels in turn loved by Sun person.

    Sometimes you tend to indulge in pleasures and gratifications.

    This is not always welcome by Sun person, which considers it as counter to effective action in the world.

    Sun trine, sextile or semi-sextile Venus in the synastry chart

    You are affectionate to each other. Whether you are a couple or not, there's love in the air.

    You feel comfortable to be intimate.

    Sun person is attracted by Venus person's charm and sense of beauty. Venus person is attracted by the clear direction expressed by Sun person's charismatic personality.

    While you like to show love for each other, it may fuel a decadent and incative life which is not welcome bu Sun person.

    Sun opposite, square or semi-square Venus in the synastry chart

    There's attraction between each other and an immediate reciprocal fascination.

    However, this doesn't always flow in an harmonious direction.

    Venus person sees Sun person as too egotistic and less sensitive to a loving connection. Venus person might make use of flattery or manipulative charm to keep Sun person close.

    But this attitude backfires. By compromising too much and ignoring personal needs, Venus person becomes overlooked by Sun person, who takes Venus person for granted.

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