Sun and Uranus aspects in the Synastry Chart: How is freedom and unpredictability related to your meeting?

Sun-Uranus.jpg How is freedom and unpredictability related to your meeting?

Sun and Uranus conjunct in the synastry chart

There's little conventionality between you. Together, you enjoy being different and unique.

You relationship style is far from being traditional and if you are a couple, you might agree on an open relationship. Friendship is a very important quality for you.

You seek excitement and have a common interest in anything avant-garde.

You like changes and spontaneity.

Sun person gives direction and clarity to Uranus person's unstable life. At times Sun person feels insecure by Uranus person's unpredictability and, if it's a romantic relationship, about Uranus person's focus on friends.

Sun trine, sextile or semi-sextile Uranus in the synastry chart

Friendship is the base of your meeting.

There's freedom, spontaneity and independence, especially from Uranus person's side.

You are willing to try and experiment new things. If you are a couple, you might be open and experimental also sexually, with little restraint.

Sun person respects Uranus person's need of freedom, but sometimes feels threatened by Uranus person's lack of limits, while Uranus person needs a steadier direction which Sun person can give, but tends to escape to derail to preserve its freedom.

Sun opposite, square or semi-square Uranus in the synastry chart

Your relationship brings much excitement and exploration of new unusual paths.

You might have met in non-ordinary circumstances and gotten quickly connected.

A stable relationship is difficult to keep and it might terminate anytime with no apparent reason.

Uranus person doesn't accept any real or imaginary limitations from Sun person and rebels vehemently. Sun person feels very insecure about Uranus person's unpredictability, even though Sun person is fascinated by Uranus person's uniqueness.

Your relationship faces frequent ups and downs through unpredictable events which you, however, attract in your life.

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