Sun and Neptune aspects in the Synastry Chart: Do you have a spiritual connection?

Sun-Neptune.jpgDo you have a spiritual connection?

Sun and Neptune conjunct in the synastry chart

There's a special spiritual affinity between you.

Together, you can reach higher spiritual states.

Sun person becomes fascinated and lured by Neptune person, but you both must be careful to separate reality from illusion.

Neptune person captivates Sun person's interest by feeding a fascinating fantasy world.

Neptune person is attracted by Sun person's more straightforward and factual presence.

Sun trine, sextile or semi-sextile Neptune in the synastry chart

You share common dreams with a spiritual and compassionate attitude.

You might enjoy taking care of each other in an affectionate way and selflessly helping people in need

You enjoy to explore spiritual paths and different states of consciousness.

The only risk is to believe what feels true only on the emotional level with no reality checks and thus fall into illusions.

Sun person can bring more presence and truth.

Sun opposite, square or semi-square Neptune in the synastry chart

Clarity is not the highest value in your meeting. Things often become confused, ambiguous and even tricky.

Neptune person, often unconsciously, uses manipulative techniques to enchant Sun person.

At the beginning, Sun person sees Neptune person as idealistic, but after some reality checks, starts to view Neptune person as deceptive.

On the other side, Neptune person protects its delicate sensitivity by hiding behind a wall of smoke.

You can reach the best level in your relationship when you focus on a spiritual and compassionate connection.

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