What the Four Elements Reveal about You

By 12andus


An important but often overlooked component of one’s astrological chart is the influence of the four natural elements. If the planets, signs and houses reveal crucial information about one’s personality and archetypal conflicts and gifts, the elements are the core building blocks of these archetypal energies.

Just as we all have the energies of each planet and sign in our personalities thanks to their influence over various aspects of the natal chart, so do the elements influence our personalities to various degrees.

The elements in astrology are Air, Fire, Water and Earth. To the ancient people, these elements were the basic components of all life throughout the universe and within the individual. The elements were seen as crucial for health, for example, and illness was catalogued as an imbalance or overabundance of particular elements.

Metaphysical practitioners also sought to understand the influences of the elements in people’s personalities and temperament was described by early physicians according to these elements.

Knowing the elemental affinities which are strongest or less active in your natal chart can reveal much about the nuances of your personality and the extent to which the energies of various planets and signs can influence you.


The elements present a backdrop of energy from upon which specific planets contribute to your personality. They can augment, balance or deflect some of the intensity of various planets or signs.

For example if you have significant water energy in your chart, you are sensitive, emotional and intuitive and embody traits associated with water which can be introverted, passive and reflective. This adds a nuance if your Ascendant is in Aries for example, because it softens the fiery energy typical of those with this Rising Sign.

Someone with prevalent fire and air and minimal earth elemental features may be passionate, excitable and often ungrounded.

To determine the elemental profile of your chart we have taken into consideration important components such as number of significant planets in particular signs and the element associated with signs in key points of the natal chart. We have calculated all of the elemental combinations in order to give you the most accurate interpretations, ranking the elements in order of importance in your natal chart.

For example for someone whose chart shows the most significant components in Water signs, then Earth, Air and Fire, we have created specific reports detailing the correlation between this elemental profile and your personality. This combination, for example, gives greatest emphasis to relationships, emotional expression and sensitivity. You are nurturing yet your emotional nature is easily grounded because Earth is your second most prevalent element.

Your emotions lead but your desire to be practical keeps you from becoming swept away in deep currents. You are slower to make decisions and carefully calculate your options because Air is your third strongest element and finally, Fire being the least prevalent energy creates lower stamina and motivation. Instead of being passionate and confident in your ideas you are more likely to take initiative when you are emotionally triggered.

In contrast, if your elemental profile shows that Fire is the most dominant element followed by Air and Water but with no emphasis on Earth, it suggests that you are impulsive, active and easily riled to passion or anger. You may be witty and compassion and empathy may catch up after you have sprung into action and there is little grounding you in practical details.

You can access your elements report in the "Birth chart's readings" section of the Astro Reports page.

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