Moon and Venus aspects in the Synastry Chart: Is tenderness and sensuality present between you?

Moon-Venus.jpg Is tenderness and sensuality present between you?

Moon and Venus conjunct in the synastry chart

Tenderness, cuddling as well as enjoying social activities together are important elements of your relationship.

Activities related to art might have had a role in your meeting and in keeping common interests.

Whether your meeting is a romantic one or not, there's a caring and loving bond.

Moon trine, sextile or semi-sextile Venus in the synastry chart

You enjoy tender and sensual affection. You really care for each other and feel at ease even in difficult emotional circumstances.

Moon person supports Venus person's emotional needs and Venus person brings sensuality and beauty to Moon person's life.

Afraid of any form of disagreements, you might become too accommodating to each other.

Some tensions and challenges are also needed to experience a wider spectrum of emotions and grow together.

Moon opposite, square or semi-square Venus in the synastry chart

You feel affectionate to each other, but not always in a balanced way.

At times Moon person will become oversensitive and Venus person becomes puzzled by Moon person's ups and downs.

Moon person sees Venus person as narcissistic, seductive with others and not caring enough, while Venus person sees Moon person as childish and needy.

Despite those unbalances, there's a base of genuine affection between you.

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