Venus and Mars aspects in the Synastry Chart: Is love and passion part of you?

Venus-Mars.jpg Is love and passion part of you?

Venus and Mars conjunct in the synastry chart

This is the classic aspect for passionate and sexual attraction. Even if you aren't a couple, you can use the passion to fuel common activities.

Attraction is energetic and intense.

Mars person is more determined and active while Venus person is more on the receptive side.

Venus person attracts Mars person with charm and fascinating manners while Mars person attracts Venus person with straightforward actions and, in case of a couple, through sexual presence.

Such instinctual attraction doesn't guarantee a long term connection, which might lack commitment.

Venus trine, sextile or semi-sextile Mars in the synastry chart

This is a typical feature of a fervent and sensual magnetism. Even if not a couple, you may use that desire to complete everyday activities.

Appeal to each other is vibrant and powerful

Mars person is more strongminded and energetic but Venus person is more receptive.

Venus person entices Mars person with appeal and captivating ways while Mars person entices Venus person with forthright activities and, if a couple, via a sensual presence.

Such visceral magnetism doesn't promise a long-term relationship, which may have no commitment.

The dance of action and attraction is natural and pleasurable for you

Probably you will feel attracted to each other even though you just finished a relationship.

Venus person is attracted by Mars person's also on the physical level while Mars person is attracted by Venus person's beauty, charm and loving attitude.

Venus opposite, square or semi-square Mars in the synastry chart

There's an overwhelming sexual attraction between you but it is not always harmonic.

Passion can take many forms, it also can surface in unbalanced ways as in quarreling and competition.

Jealousy and possessiveness might also be issues.

Venus person sees Mars person as too direct and lacking gentleness, while Mars person regards Venus person's ways as seductive but lacking substance.


Does your relationship have physical and emotional attraction?

Venus and Mars conjunct in the synastry chart

This relationship sizzles with emotional and physical attraction.

Venus person offers soft and harmonious energy to Mars person's strong sense of ambition and desire. Mars person heats up Venus person's capacity for love and affection.

You are highly sexually compatible, providing a polarity of sensuality and emotional intimacy.

Mars person ignites Venus person's drive not just in sexuality but also in creativity and self expression. Although Venus person is naturally creative and imaginative, they may get lost in pleasure seeking and become complacent without the right motivation.

Mars person's drive and ambition provides the solution to this, as Mars person becomes an instigating force to keep Venus person from becoming unfocused and stagnant.

Venus trine, sextile or semi-sextile Mars in the synastry chart

A powerful attraction between you radiates on many levels. You are likely to both experience love at first sight as well as strong physical attraction to each other.

Mars person is entranced by Venus person's charming nature and soft, emotionally nurturing side. Venus person's beauty is also noticed right away by Mars person.

Mars person's courage, ambition and integrity are intriguing to Venus person and Venus person can’t help being swept away by Mars person's sense of adventure and sexual appeal.

Mars person helps encourage Venus person to pursue their goals and initiates spontaneous fun adventures which help Venus person break out of their comfort zone.

Venus person softens Mars person's edgy side and brings harmony that further cements the connection. Though polar opposites in some ways, your energies are a perfect blend of masculine and feminine. Mars person keeps Venus person from becoming stagnant and overly self indulgent. Venus person helps Mars person renew their social connections and remember to balance work and play.

Venus opposite, square or semi-square Mars in the synastry chart

Your relationship is infused with energy and passion. Sexual attraction is likely to be activated.

Both will have to confront their own insecurities and jealousies for this relationship to work. Some level of friction adds to the passion between Mars person and Venus person however there are obstacles to harmony in this relationship.

Mars person is likely to act possessively or even obsess over Venus person, coming on too strong or becoming demanding of Venus person's attention and time. Venus person is no stranger to infatuation and may place demands on Mars person but in different ways. It may seem as though you are speaking different languages at times, trying to express your interest and desire but mistaking each others’ cues.

Venus person may resort to manipulation and power plays to try to get Mars person to prove their feelings. Both are prone to jealousy over each other.

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