Venus and Neptune aspects in the Synastry Chart: Are love and spirituality part of you?

Venus-Neptune.jpg Are love and spirituality part of you?

Venus and Neptune conjunct in the synastry chart

This aspect represents perhaps the most spiritual, magical and visionary meeting.

If yours is a romantic relationship, it's colored by idealistic and dreamy feelings, and also by illusory and unrealistic aspects.

Venus person projects imaginary expectations on Neptune person, while Neptune person can become easily charmed by Venus person's seductive manners.

With time, Neptune person might resort to manipulation and deceit to keep the illusion alive, or to silently energetically withdraw.

Venus person tends to compromise and to forgive Neptune person's ambiguities, but after a while Venus person yearns for a more straightforward and trustful person.

Venus trine, sextile or semi-sextile Neptune in the synastry chart

There's a compassionate, forgiving, soft, caring and sensitive mindset between you.

You may share interests in spiritual subjects or be buddies supporting each other in a common spiritual path.

This planetary meeting signifies possibly the top mystical, charmed and imaginative coupling.

If this is an amorous bonding, it's influenced by illusions and dreamy expectations, and as well by misleading and improbable characteristics.

Venus person might expect too much from Neptune person, and Neptune person may get charmed easily as Venus person is very seductive and charming

Venus opposite, square or semi-square Neptune in the synastry chart

There's something mysterious and indefinable which attracts each other.

You are very sensitive, but also ambiguous and unclear. Often you don't express yourself in a straight manner.

In order not to hurt each other, you might resort to lies and manipulations.

Neptune person might promise what can't be delivered and Venus person leverages its charm to keep Neptune person lured.

After a while you might not be any more capable to perceive what is true and what is not.

Once reality sets in, you should be careful not to abuse substances to keep a comfortable illusion going on.

The suggestion here is to consider spirituality as something which also requires roots and grounding. Escaping reality is a form of denial.

Real transcendence happens when you acknowledge and become aware of truth and reality.

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