Mars and Mars aspects in the Synastry Chart: Do your instinctual and competitive energies combine?

By 12andus

Mars-Mars.jpg Do your instinctual and competitive energies combine?

Mars and Mars conjunct in the synastry chart

What you express together is high passion, excitement, energy and a competitive attitude.

You encourage each other to engage enthusiastically and resolutely in your projects.

Communication is straight, to the point, direct and blunt. Sometimes it is rough.

If you are a couple, you might enjoy a high level of sexual passion. If not, anyway you share common desires, energy and passions, useful for practicing sports together as a team or working for common job goals.

Energy and passion can easily turn into conflict if you act just by following your impulses without taking time to reflect

Being in a hurry is something you might want to change. Fast action doesn't always bring the best results.

Mars trine, sextile or semi-sextile Mars in the synastry chart

You demonstrate great passion, energy, enthusiasm, and are competitive together.

You inspire one another to participate ardently and determinedly in your plans.

Communication is direct, unswerving and frank. It can even be coarse.

If in a relationship, you may like lots of sex. If not, you still have interests that are the same, and you both are great if you do sports together, or are in a team or somehow are in a group that works to accomplish a goal.

Vigor and passion may turn to fighting quickly, so don't just act on your urges until you have time to think on whatever it is you are contemplating.

You support each other to actualize your goals. Even when there's competition between you, this is expressed in a healthy way and stimulates each other to improve your skills.

You energize the other person when he is tired or stressed out.

Mars opposite, square or semi-square Mars in the synastry chart

There's a lot of energy and passion between you, but often it is expressed in an unhealthy way.

There's a build-up of energy that isn't released in positive action, turning into frustration and anger.

You tend to compete instead of joining your energies in a synergistic way.

What you need to learn is to be less impatient and take the time to listen to the other person and pursue common goals where you can multiply your energies.

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