Mars and Uranus aspects in the Synastry Chart: Are passion, excitement and freedom part of you?

Mars-Uranus.jpg Are passion, excitement and freedom part of you?

Mars and Uranus conjunct in the synastry chart

Yours is an unconventional, highly energetic connection, with much excitement and unpredictability.

If you are a couple, sexual attraction might be strong and experimental. You might agree on an open relationship.

Together, you want to support people in need and fight for injustice through a humanitarian view of life.

Mars person is attracted by Uranus person's oddities and nonconformity, while Uranus person feels attracted by Mars person's passion and decisive actions.

Yours is anything but a stable connection. Uranus person doesn't accept any limit to its freedom, while Mars person tends to stay more on the possessive side of the equation.

Uranus person needs constant changes and excitement but this can destabilize Mars person.

Mars trine, sextile or semi-sextile Uranus in the synastry chart

Yours is a very unusual, extremely active joining, with lots of energy and changeability.

If in a relationship, your attraction to each other sexually may be robust and full of experimental ventures. You may desire a relationship that is open to dating others.

Together, you desire to help needy people and join the fight to get rid of injustice via some kind of humanitarian venture.

You respect each other's independence, and you like to try new things together.

Mars person is drawn to Uranus person's peculiarities and idiosyncrasy, while Uranus person is drawn to Mars person's desire and pivotal acts.

Yours is far from a steady joining. Uranus person doesn't agree to any boundary to its liberty, and Mars person leans towards the dominating aspect of your relationship.

Uranus person has to have continuous changes and enthusiasm but that is not good for the stability of Mars person.

Mars opposite, square or semi-square Uranus in the synastry chart

There's an electric quality in your meeting. Things happen suddenly and you often become amazed and even shocked.

Such insecurity creates difficulties in your connection.

Mars person sees Uranus person's actions as provocations, with the result of becoming irritated. The outcome is frequent quarrels, which can sabotage your connection.

Uranus person's becomes easily bored and needs continuous and various stimulation. Uranus person should be aware when their actions are just for the sake of shocking people.

Mars person needs to refrain from reacting with anger as a defense mechanism and needs to not take things personally all the time.

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