Jupiter and Ascendant aspects in the Synastry Chart: Do you have a positive and interesting meeting?

Jupiter-Ascendant.jpg Do you have a positive and interesting meeting?

Jupiter and Ascendant conjunct in the synastry chart

You have a positive influence upon each other.

Positive thinking, optimism and fun are pillars of your meeting.

You like the other's appearance and feel immediately at ease with each other.

Jupiter person is benevolent and willing to support Ascendant person and the relationship, expanding the world view and delivering a sense of adventure and discovery.

Ascendant person is delighted by Jupiter person's attention and reciprocates by being present and willing to support Jupiter person's exploration needs.

Jupiter trine, sextile or semi-sextile Ascendant in the synastry chart

You influence one another in a positive fashion.

Good thoughts, hopefulness and enjoyment are the strength of your joining.

You love each other's looks and instantly felt comfortable with one another.

Jupiter person is kind and determined to keep a great connection with Ascendant person, wanting to expand views of the world and deliver a sense of excitement and exploration.

Ascendant person is pleased by Jupiter person's consideration and counters by being available and pledges to back Jupiter person's needs to explore.

Jupiter person focuses and encourages the positive in Ascendant person and loves to see Ascendant person's growth in wellness and knowledge.

Following a common spiritual path toward self-understanding will expand your awareness and compassion.

Jupiter opposite, square or semi-square Ascendant in the synastry chart

You are attracted to each other at the mental and body image levels, but not always in an harmonic manner.

Jupiter person tends to impose its ideological beliefs to Ascendant person, while Ascendant person feels restricted by Jupiter person's intellectual assumptions.

Ascendant person regards Jupiter person as immoderate and unrealistic while Jupiter person criticizes the way Ascendant person shows itself to the world.

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