Jupiter and Midheaven aspects in the Synastry Chart: Is your meeting publicly visible and useful for your careers?

Jupiter-Midheaven.jpg Is your meeting publicly visible and useful for your careers?

Jupiter and Midheaven conjunct in the synastry chart

Your meeting extends beyond the personal and expands to the public area and career.

There's optimism and an enthusiastic will to work hard for professional accomplishments.

Jupiter person gives optimistic energies and a wide intellectual vision as support to Midheaven person's career, while Midheaven person supports Jupiter person's need for travelling and cultural explorations.

Midheaven person looks at Jupiter person's enthusiasm as something that he wants to incorporate in his career.

Jupiter trine, sextile or semi-sextile Midheaven in the synastry chart

Your meeting goes far above personal features and swells to include the community and job areas of your lives.

There's hopefulness and excited resolve to achieve many accomplishments in your jobs.

Jupiter person encourages Midheaven person to be optimistic and supports Midheaven person's prestige and public image. Jupiter person gives positive energy to Midheaven person's professional progress.

Midheaven person represents career opportunities for Jupiter person. Midheaven person can work selflessly for Jupiter person's expansion.

Midheaven person teaches Jupiter person to be committed to their career.

Jupiter opposite, square or semi-square Midheaven in the synastry chart

There is a good potential to improve each other's role in the world and career, but immoderation from Jupiter person's side and resistance to new ideas by Midheaven person might limit expansion and career.

Jupiter person, while giving positive vibes to Midheaven person's path toward success, might irritate Midheaven person by overindulging and being overly optimistic.

Midheaven person resents the work done for fulfilling Jupiter person's cravings. At other time, Jupiter person gives positive energy to Midheaven person's which takes it for granted.

Midheaven person wish Jupiter person to be more realistic. Jupiter person's needs of continuous expansion promises more than what it can deliver.

Midheaven person needs to abandon the desire for tight control over career and public image while Jupiter person needs to be more accountable and pragmatic.

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