Neptune and Midheaven aspects in the Synastry Chart: Do you act in the world with compassion?

Neptune-Midheaven.jpg Do you act in the world with compassion?

Neptune and Midheaven conjunct in the synastry chart

Your meeting is imbued with imagination, compassion and care.

Midheaven person supports Neptune person's spiritual, intuitive and compassionate life and can integrate Neptune person's spiritual traits into its career.

You might share a common activity regarding psychology, healing, caring or art.

However, Midheaven person carefully build base and reputation might become unsettled by Neptune person's inconsistent behavior.

Neptune trine, sextile or semi-sextile Midheaven in the synastry chart

Your joining is filled with fancy, empathy and tenderness.

Midheaven person aids Neptune person's mystical, instinctive and sympathetic life and can help Neptune person's include their spiritual qualities into its job.

You can share activities concerning psychology, natural medicines, filantrophy or artwork.

But, Midheaven person's judiciously built foundation and status can get disturbed by Neptune person's erratic conduct.

Intuitions and creativity feed your careers and your professional accomplishments.

Neptune opposite, square or semi-square Midheaven in the synastry chart

You might have common interests in spirituality and healing, but Neptune person tends to escape from reality by a very active imaginative life.

Neptune person sees Midheaven person as too earthly-minded and concerned with social climbing, while Midheaven person considers Neptune person out of touch with reality.

There is also the possibility that Neptune person resorts to deception or abuse substances to keep the dream running.

Neptune person might create troubles to Midheaven person's reputation and public image.

You need to balance Neptune person's other-worldly approach with Midheaven person's very practical one.

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