What is your break up style, according to your Venus sign?

venus-how-break-up.jpg What Venus in the signs tells you about what is your break up style?

Venus in Aries

You are adventurous, driven and ambitious. If your partner is too much of a couch potato, you will be likely to call it quits.

You want a partner who will hike, bike, swim, work out and shoot hoops with you. In addition, you crave a good challenge. If your partner shows their vulnerable side, it will trigger your galant nature, and you will want to show them the hero you are.

However if you suspect they are becoming needy or acting in a way that seems lazy to you, you will begin to lose interest. You want someone who can keep up with your active lifestyle and exuberant personality.

You will also become turned off by a partner who constantly challenges your authority. You like to be the best at everything you do and you want a partner who can join with you as long as they remember to let you win.

You can’t help it, you love being the hero. A partner who tries to dominate you is worse than one who constantly needs to be rescued by you.

You can be direct and assertive but when it is time to go, you may go all out letting off steam. You won’t hold back letting your partner know exactly why you are moving on and then you will likely cut them out completely.

Venus in Taurus

You are patient, loving and generous. When you have been taken advantage of, however, you will not let it go. This is because you know your value and will feel insulted that your partner dared to not recognize what a monumental fool they are to not see that you have a heart of gold.

If you are betrayed in any way it is over. You will make it very clear that a line has been crossed. You may feel inclined to compromise with your soon to be ex, letting them live with you until they find a new place.

After all, you are conscientious of physical comfort and hate to think of anyone being out in the cold. You are also practical, though and will make sure to set an end date so they know you mean business.

You will most likely cut all ties after a break up. Once someone has proven they can’t be trusted you see no reason to continue connection with them.

Venus in Gemini

You will not stick around when a relationship becomes too boring. You need mental stimulation.

The only fate worse than boredom is to be confined and cut off from your friends. A partner who is too demanding of your time will see how quickly you can move on.

Also, if your partner becomes suspicious of your many social connections and hassles you about your phone going off at all hours of the night, or wants to know why you are checking notifications and returning text messages in bed instead of cuddling, you will grow impatient with the interrogation.

You will not tolerate a partner who puts a damper on your social life or who asks you to part with your book, game, movie, computer or record collection.

When it is time to go you will likely have already lined up a new partner. Perhaps one of the people you were texting in bed. Either way, you won’t be single for long and will have someone waiting in the wings when you make it clear things have ended.

You aren’t spiteful, and may be diplomatic in your breakup. You can cite numerous infractions and make a clear case for yourself.

Then again, you may also just leave a note and an empty house one day.

Venus in Cancer

Are you kidding? You don’t break up with anyone. Ever. For any reason. And this is probably why eventually people end up breaking up with you. You put up with way too much and inevitably become moody and passive aggressive.

If you were inclined to ever leave a relationship it would be under extreme circumstances. If you perceive someone is endangering your family or your financial security, you will pack your bags and split. This will only be after numerous attempts to change the other person.

When you leave you will make sure their bills are paid for a month and pack them thirty days worth of lunches. You just can’t help it.

Venus in Leo

You will not tolerate a partner who shows you up or hurts your pride. You are attached to your self image and will leave a relationship if your partner tries to steal your thunder one too many times.

Which is usually once.

You are also likely to end a relationship if you feel unappreciated. After all you extend yourself for those you love and are generous and giving. You are also loyal and will sometimes be forgiving of infidelity as long as it doesn’t become public knowledge.

You can handle betrayal but not humiliation.

When it’s over the final act will be dramatic. You will make it known to all the world how you sacrificed and were taken advantage of. You went the extra mile to place your loved one on a pedestal, you will also go the extra mile to let them know they have been dethroned.

Even as you make it clear that the relationship is over, you will still keep an eye on their social media profiles, just to reassure yourself that you made the right decision.

Venus in Virgo

You don’t make the decision to break up without carefully considering all of your options. You will first analyze every aspect of the relationship.

Then you will analyze every possible outcome of various ways of breaking the news to your soon to be ex. You will consider the emotional, financial and social impact on both you and your loved one.

But at some point, they will get on your last nerve one too many times. They will leave a bigger mess, or the same old mess you have gotten tired of cleaning up.

They will break the budget, smoke in the house, leave food particles stuck to the dish they claimed to clean.

They may even accidentally knock into the model airplane you spent fifty hours painstakingly constructing.

To make matters worse, they won’t even redeem themselves by making amends. They will just be careless and nonchalant.

For you it will be the last straw. When you snap you still aren’t likely to lose your cool. You knew this was coming. You have already made plans about how you will survive and where you will go.

You are likely to break down in tedious detail every infraction your soon to be ex ever committed. You will make a clean break, sort of.

Even when it is over, you will check in by phone to make sure they remembered to take their blood pressure medicine. You will stop by the house to drop off organic leftovers and will still show up to mow the lawn and clean the gutters.

Venus in Libra

You love to be in love and are a hopeless romantic. When a relationship becomes more drama than fairy tale, you will start to become disheartened.

You don’t like to cause a scene, so you will try to rationalize your own feelings, convincing yourself that things are better than they are.

At the same time, you really aren’t thrilled about dealing with the mundane, boring or emotionally icky aspects of relationships. You withdraw from the emotional heavy lifting and become even more disappointed that things can’t simply go back to the way they used to be.

While you are reliving the honeymoon phase, you may flirt your way into a new relationship. Always one to be fair, you will likely avoid a full fledged affair right away. The idea of a new romance will give you added inspiration to move on, however.

When breaking up you will be as kind and subtle as possible. “It’s not you, it’s me” is a saying that was probably coined by someone with the planet of love in Libra. You will also try your best to still be friends and you may succeed in doing this.

Venus in Scorpio

Falling in love helps you smooth over age old wounds, for a while. It is inevitable though that your old resentments and jealousies will find a new target in your current relationship.

You may think you were careful to find someone who was the complete opposite of your ex, however the patterns may not change because you haven’t looked at your own role in the relationship.

As a result, you are likely to focus all of your energy on making your new love the center of your world, obsessively protective, flattering at first, and extremely sexually and emotionally connected.

When reality kicks in and you are reminded that you are reminded that your partner has other interests, other friends and a past, it kicks up your insecurities.

When you repeatedly feel like you can’t trust your partner, it will be time to start the process of ending the relationship. Typically, your pride will not let you simply walk out. You will first look for opportunities to get even.

If you suspect infidelity you will go through your partner’s phone and social media accounts, trying to find proof. You won’t be able to rest until you feel like you have solved the puzzle.

Even after you leave, and it will likely involve a crescendo of drama leading to your final farewell, you will still go out of your way to seek revenge and let your ex know they aren’t forgiven.

In some cases you will simply detach and become self sabotaging. If you suspect your partner is cheating you may simply pursue your own flirtation or affair, then accuse them of being unfaithful if you are found out.

You may also delve deeper into your obsessions and addictions. Eventually a stormy series of power struggles will culminate in the end of the relationship.

You are susceptible to reignite the passions if the sexual connection was strong, however for the most part when it is over, it’s over.

Venus in Sagittarius

You are optimistic and philanthropic and there isn’t much that will get you down. A partner who is a constant downer just might do the trick however.

Before you allow your vibe to be lowered by a cynical person, you are more likely to simply move on.

You need to wander and any type of restraint or infringement on your freedom will also turn you off to the relationship.

If your partner gives you an ultimatum regarding your travel or social schedules you just may take this as an invitation to exit the relationship.

You don’t want drama and may not even care if you have the last word.

Instead you will pack your bags and go off in search of greener pastures.

Venus in Capricorn

You work hard to build a future for those you love. If your partner is consistently unappreciative, you notice and will lose interest.

You will also notice if your partner lacks serious ambition. You don’t mind working hard but you don’t want to be taken advantage of.

You will also go back to the drawing board and start over as a single person if your partner doesn’t support your tries to sabotage your career ambitions.

You don’t tolerate being embarrassed by someone who starts a scene so an attention getting partner will also drive you to retreat into your work.

Once you have started to spend more time in the home office than in the bedroom it is also a sign the relationship is in trouble.

Generally, you are loyal and traditional. You prefer to work things out than to call it quits. However you will draw a line when it comes to choosing between your relationship and finances, career or assets. Bad news if your partner is unappreciative, lazy or a big spender.

Venus in Aquarius

Even in relationships, you need to remain a free and independent individual. You will grow weary of a partner who wants your time and attention all to themselves.

Your feelings can be intense and erratic and even if your partner has done nothing wrong in particular you may at times suddenly decide it is time for a change.

You crave excitement and get bored easily.

You may suddenly decide you need to travel across the world and live with monks, or you may just miss your single lifestyle.

Regardless of the trigger, you will either find a situation to react to or invent a reason to explode then disappear.

Venus in Pisces

You don’t make it clear when you want to break up with someone. Chances are this is because it isn’t clear even to you.

our approach to romance is idealistic, romantic and nebulous. You may start to feel mixed emotions about a relationship. You recognize that this have gotten difficult but used to be great. Maybe. Were they ever? Were you imagining it?

Same thing, in your book. So you will keep on imagining. Deceiving yourself and then feeling confused because of your self deception. You may martyr yourself a great deal trying to get things to go as you think they should before ever calling it quits.

Even then, the words ‘it’s over’ frighten you. You aren’t ever truly ready to think in terms of finality. You can instead live in the world of “Maybe Someday.” This way you can hold on to a fantasy of reconnection.

When you are certain you want to seek the nearest exit ramp, you will retreat into your creative hobbies and into your fantasy world. You may even engage too readily in flirtations with others, escaping into an affair or jumping right in to a new relationship.

Even if you are not in a new relationship, you are likely to use flirtation and jealousy to instigate a reaction from your partner.

Either they will initiate the break up you avoided, thus fulfilling the cycle of self sacrifice, or they will make whatever changes you hope they will make. Usually though it will end with further complication before it ends with a change to your partner.