How do you express your sensual nature, according to your Venus sign?

venus-express-sensual.jpg What Venus in the signs reveals you about how you express your sensual nature?

Venus in Aries

You are passionate and can become restless if you don’t have an outlet for your energy.

You express your sensuality through physical activity which can include sex but also dance and martial arts or yoga. The more you are able to get into conscious connection with your physical body, the better.

In relationships, you enjoy expressing your sensuality through challenging or free flowing physical activity. Hiking, dancing, a sports game and activities that help you compete and express your intense energy through movement are ideal.

Venus in Taurus

You prefer to express your sensuality through your sense of touch. You can be affectionate with others and enjoy physical contact.

You also enjoy the contact your body has with clothing and the texture and feel of your clothing is an extension of your senses.

You also draw on the comfort of your atmosphere. You prefer comfortable, soft, luxurious chairs, pillows and blankets as well as perfect room temperature. Food and drink are an expression of your sensuality as well and you love to cook comforting foods for those you care about.

Venus in Gemini

Your sensual nature is triggered by your mind. You need to have your fantasies activated through conversation, movies, books and music. Feeding your brain is the best way to fully engage your senses.

You are also sensitive to sounds. Communication enhances your sensual nature and you may enjoy hearing the sound of your loved one’s voice as well as the sounds of certain words.

Musical tones, chanting, singing, and speaking also enhance your sensual nature.

Venus in Cancer

You are highly emotionally sensitive. Your feelings can shift rapidly and cycle through highs and lows.

Your sensual nature is expressed through opening your heart and sharing your feelings. You are also affectionate and enjoy physical contact.

Creating comfort in the home through cooking, decorating and filling your space with nostalgic elements like old photos and antiques are some of the ways you express your sensuality.

You are romantic and enjoy affectionately listening to and sharing with your partner. Touch is important to you but first you must feel like your surroundings are soothing and secure.

Venus in Leo

You express your sensual nature through your flair for theatrics. Your senses are fine tuned and you have a dramatic way of expressing yourself.

You want to feel pampered, engaging all of your senses. In relationships, you are sensitive to whether your partner provides physical comfort and whether you are in an atmosphere that is luxurious.

You want to experience the highest quality music, food, drink, and ambiance. You can be flamboyant and prefer a partner who is open to a vast array of sensory experiences. It would not be unusual for you to experiment with all of your senses when you are intimate with your partner.

You love to be admired and anything that makes you feel beautiful, radiant and attractive will help you feel more sensual as well. Being on stage, in the spotlight and in control are sensual experiences for you.

Venus in Virgo

You keep your sensual side carefully controlled and hidden. This is because you are highly sensitive to stimulation from your surroundings and are easily offended and bombarded. Your mind latches on to the imperfections.

You may overlook a painting’s beauty because the frame is cracked or it is hung crooked. You notice when flaws in the music you hear.

When you see luxurious fabrics you think of the potential for bed bugs. Even small acts of pampering like skin lotion may offend your senses if there is too much artificial fragrance added.

You prefer to be practical and efficient, diligently working behind the scenes.

You do have a sensual side however. It is likely to emerge when you feel completely secure and are in a clean and uncluttered environment. Your sensual side emerges when you are in tune with the needs of others around you, but also relaxed enough to enjoy the connection with your partner.

You are down to earth and express your sensuality primarily through touch and affection. In particular, you prefer to do things for your loved one that allow bonding and connection. Giving or receiving a massage for example.

Being of service, especially in nature and in the company of animals, can be a sensual experience for you.

Venus in Libra

You are highly sensual and it is easy for you to express this part of your nature. You are attuned to beauty especially visual stimuli.

Harmony and balance are important to you. You express your sensuality through attention to your physical appearance and the image you portray. Your style is romantic and flirty and you know how to intrigue others.

You also feel sensual when you are being admired by others. You like when others notice the effort you put into your appearance and the appearance of your home. Your sensuality is heightened when energy is being shared evenly as you are all about balance.

Music, the arts, poetry and other creative outlets help you express your sensual nature. You may do special things to add beauty to your partner’s home. If you cook for them, you will make sure the food has a pleasant appearance as well as being delicious.

Venus in Scorpio

Your energy is intense. When it comes to your senses, you are acutely aware of everything around you, picking up on signals like a hound dog.

Your sensuality is triggered by mystery and complexity. You are drawn to taboo subjects and prefer to live on the edge. Danger is a sensual and exciting experience for you.

Your sensual side is also triggered as you uncover the deeper layers of your loved one’s inner world and psyche. Mental stimulation is a sensual act for you. You like to take in all information and uncover clues like a detective.

Although you can be highly sexual in your relationships, you prefer a partner who does not reveal too much too soon. You enjoy the process of discovery as it engages all of your senses.

Your sensuality comes from being able to feel powerful. Whether it is the power you feel as you outwit your opponent in a game or from a developing romance or thriving business.

Venus in Sagittarius

You take pleasure in spontaneous exploration of the full potential of humanity. Taking classes to broaden your mind and expand your world view is a sensual experience for you.

You also love the feeling of being on adventures on the open road.

Your sensuality is also expressed through your spiritual connection. Expanding your consciousness and discovering wisdom from other cultures helps you express your sensual side. Independence and growth are exciting to you.

The ideas excite you as you are optimistic and idealistic. The process of chasing your dreams is as sensual as watching them come to fruition.

Venus in Capricorn

You are hard working and ambitious. Your definition of pleasure is different from the average person. You are able to find excitement and pleasure in diligently pursuing your goals.

Financial growth excites you. Watching your stock portfolio on a good day is a sensual experience for you.

So is preserving history. You find pleasure in restoring old cars and antiques. You love being around vintage items. Watching old black and white movies, dressing in old styles and listening to classical music or music from past generations are all expressions of your sensual side.

Working with your hands to create something new is also a sensual experience for you. You enjoy the process of patiently nurturing your work and watching your efforts manifest.

In some ways self denial is also a sensual experience. You would do well with detox diets and physical training which requires discipline. Ascetic lifestyles appeal to you because you feel pleasure in seeing how much of a minimalist you can be.

Venus in Aquarius

You are excitable and highly intelligent. New experiences of any kind tend to have a sensual feel for you as it stimulates your awareness. You pursue your interests with intensity.

You are fascinated by technology, science, metaphysics and the occult. New ideas appeal to you as do progressive and unorthodox beliefs.

You find pleasure in discovering the cutting edge before it becomes trendy. By the time a diet, fashion style, genre of music or health craze becomes trendy you have already made it a part of your routine and may have moved on already.

You are highly social and find networking and group events pleasurable. Being part of social organizations, charities and progressive movements are also sensual experiences for you.

Venus in Pisces

You are highly sensitive and openly connected to the spirit realms. Creativity and imagination are your keys to expressing your sensual side.

You love to write songs or poetry or perform music. Creating art or capturing images through photography are also sensual experiences for you.

You love to escape from the physical world. If not careful, you may seek escape through the use of mind altering substances in your pursuit of pleasure. You can find sensual experiences through meditation and mystical encounters brought on as a result of your spiritual practices as well.

You are highly affectionate and love to express your sensual side through connecting with your partner on as many levels as possible.

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