Transiting Sun on natal Mercury: creativity and optimism fuel your ideas

transit-sun-mercury.jpg Transiting Sun on natal Mercury: creativity and optimism fuel your ideas.

Transiting Sun conjunct natal Mercury

You are likely to be given the spotlight at this time and your charm and enthusiasm helps you persuade others to your views easily.

This is a great time for performances, presentations or to teach a class or workshop. Your ideas are clear and your thinking is fueled by creativity and optimism. You are also likely to be more confident in your communication skills now.

This can also be a great time to catch up with old friends and engage in social activities of any kind because you are likely to be diplomatic, inspiring to others and genuinely interested in those around you. You will also likely have more of a flair for the dramatic and not mind standing out in a crowd, so otherwise challenging conversations or anxiety provoking situations like interviews or public talks, will be favored at this time.

Transiting Sun sextile natal Mercury

Your gift of communication is enhanced at this time. It is a great time to write important letters or emails but you will also do well in group and one on one interactions because your creativity will shine through in your communication style.

You may capture the attention of friends, loved ones and strangers at a party or event by sharing a story, or re-enacting events in a dramatized fashion. You may also claim the spotlight through musical or artistic expression or sharing your written work with others.

Relationships are easy and harmonious now and this is a great time to unburden yourself by talking with others about topics which had been weighing on your mind. Your outlook is more positive at this time and it is easier for you to discuss various subjects in order to clear the air and strengthen relationships.

Friends and loved ones may inspire new creative endeavors or become the basis for a book or project you had been thinking of. Dormant creative ideas will now be in focus because you will have the confidence to proceed with your plans.

Transiting Sun square natal Mercury

Your intelligence and wit may be employed to help you succeed in a goal or lead others, but you may be out of alignment with those around you and not realize it.

You may be over confident in your ideas and make the assumption that others should naturally share your views.

You may also come across as more demanding than you intended when trying to convince others of your view points. You will be inclined to express your thoughts freely but may forget to listen openly to those around you as part of the communication process at this time.

Transiting Sun trine natal Mercury

Communication of all kinds including presentations, conversations, letters, or written works are favored at this time.

It is easy for you to express yourself and convey your views. It is also easy for you to channel your creativity and fuel your mind with new information both factual and imagined.

Working on a book or paper, sending a proposal to further your career, having a serious talk with someone in your personal life, all of these activities are likely to bring success and to flow easily at this time.

Something you write or a presentation you give may result in an opportunity for leadership on a project or for promotion in your career.

Others are easily inspired and persuaded by the combination of enthusiasm you embody and by your ability to articulate your thoughts at this time.

Any projects involving planning and communication but especially those involving speaking and writing, which had been on the back burner can now be brought into the spotlight as you have the energy and confidence to complete your goals.

Transiting Sun opposite natal Mercury

You may be too lost in your own mind right now to really get your point across to others effectively.

Don’t assume that others see the world through your eyes. You may be missing valuable information because you aren’t really listening to what others are telling you.

You may also be avoiding information or conversations which threaten your sense of control or which don’t align with your optimistic mood or positive view of yourself.

You may ignore feedback which may be essential to your success because it initially hurts your ego or makes you feel rejected or deflated. Take criticism constructively and allow flexibility in your thinking at this time.

Transiting Sun quincunx natal Mercury

You are uncomfortable expressing yourself or sharing your unique creative gifts to the world and may feel stage fright before speaking to a group, or other forms of performance anxiety even if the performance is a mundane matter.

Anxiety may lead you to want to review your written communication again and again, making sure it reflects the image you are trying to convey to others. You may also feel hesitant about communication in general, feeling like you won’t be understood or worrying that others will miss your point.

Some adjustments to confidence and communication will have to be made in order to get your point across in a way that reflects your unique identity and message.
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