Transiting Sun on natal Mars: ambition and focus to succeed in career and personal goals


    transit-sun-mars.jpg Transiting Sun on natal Mars: ambition and focus to succeed in career and personal goals

    Transiting Sun conjunct natal Mars

    Your ambition and focus set you on a fast track to succeeding in career and personal goals.

    You have more energy than usual and situations which would normally provoke anger are handled with a lighter touch and diplomacy.

    You are optimistic about your abilities and your confidence helps you advance. You may pursue a promotion in your career or focus on building a business that embodies your personal values.

    Your sex drive is given a boost and others are naturally attracted to your confidence. You may begin a passionate affair at this time or existing relationships may become more exciting and adventurous.

    Even in relationships, however, you need more independence than usual at this time. Your focus is on personal advancement and so collaborative efforts will not be as easy for you now.

    Transiting Sun sextile natal Mars

    You may assume a leadership role among friends or colleagues and others gladly look up to you because your confidence in yourself and high energy is reassuring.

    You are likely to have more energy to spend with others, in particular pursuing adventurous activities, engaging in friendly competition or playing sports.

    Your sense of competition is activated though you are more likely to want to challenge yourself for the gratification of being able to push your own boundaries, rather than trying to ‘one up’ others.

    This is an active time for you and you will most likely prefer to be on the go rather than sitting at home waiting for things to happen.

    Transiting Sun square natal Mars

    Rather than propelling you forward, your drive and ambition are working against your ultimate goals.

    You may be more impulsive than usual and have to correct problems stemming from being in a rush or not heeding the advice of others.

    You may need to adjust your pace or your focus and be more open minded to collaboration at this time.

    Trying to take on challenges alone or only seeking what boosts your ego will not benefit you in the long run.

    Though your attitude is mostly positive at this time, you may take competition or arguments too far without realizing it until it is too late and feelings have been hurt.

    Transiting Sun trine natal Mars

    Your energy is dynamic at this time and others are drawn to your strength and courage.

    You will likely have opportunities to show off your talents and to receive positive attention and admiration for your physical strength or focus. You may receive an award or promotion, or do well in an athletic competition.

    You have an abundance of energy and will need outlets for it. Wanting to be in the spotlight, team sports, group exercise activities, or physically challenging activities which can be done with friends are favored at this time.

    You are likely to arouse the sexual desire of others and this may be a time that you initiate casual love affairs.

    Relationships become more passionate at this time.

    You have the confidence to initiate changes that you had hesitation about in the past.

    Transiting Sun opposite natal Mars

    Your need to be in charge and do things according to your individual tastes may alienate you or cause power struggles at this time.

    You may overstep boundaries at work, especially if vying for control of situations without giving consideration to the chain of command.

    You may want to act and work independently yet will have to collaborate with others. Even in situations where you do have authority and autonomy, trying to initiate changes or breeze through problems single handedly is not likely to work as well as you had planned.

    Your confidence and ego may be getting in the way of achieving your personal or professional goals.

    You may also face tension in relationships. When others don’t go along with your plans or when your will power is threatened, you may fight back with more intensity than intended. Be mindful of the line between asserting your views and dominating others.

    Transiting Sun quincunx natal Mars

    You may be given opportunities to lead a group or workplace team, yet find that you have been given a role that lacks any real leverage. Your confidence in your own power or your ability to focus and exert authority may be shaky at this time.

    You may also feel on the defensive but not know exactly what battle you are fighting.

    Try to avoid power struggles. Your ambition and desire to be perceived as an individual may work against some long term goals at this time. Try to keep perspective.

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