Transiting Sun on natal Jupiter: faith in your abilities and the benevolence of others to transcend obstacles

transit-sun-jupiter.jpg Transiting Sun on natal Jupiter: faith in your abilities and the benevolence of others to transcend obstacles

Transiting Sun conjunct natal Jupiter

You have high hopes and extra enthusiasm.

A streak of good luck and faith in your abilities and the benevolence of others will help you transcend obstacles and rise in status and authority at this time.

Take a risk and aim higher than the confines of your comfort zone. Fortunate twists and turns are under way and you may be surprised at how well a business venture or other chance investment pays off.

Assert your individuality and let others see you shine at this time. Your career may advance or you may be recognized as an authority in a particular subject. You may also be given a larger audience to showcase your creative talents.

Transiting Sun sextile natal Jupiter

You may have the chance to show influential people your talents.

This is a great time to apply for a job or promotion, propose a new business deal, or audition for a role in a play. Through collaboration with others you may become more knowledgeable about topics which will advance your career.

You may also draw on the expertise of another to shift your investments, and the payoff will likely be worth the risk.

Your charm and appeal are in demand in your social circle as well as among larger groups, coworkers and new friends.

Networking brings favorable opportunities in work and business at this time.

You may be sought after for romantic relationships, though others may be drawn to your material wealth or success. You are likely to enjoy the admiration and connection with others, though right now you are more concerned about having a good time rather than settling down.

Transiting Sun square natal Jupiter

You may be getting lost in egotistical pursuit of your goals and in doing so, you may undermine actual opportunities to advance.

You may wish to project an image of expertise or authority but it doesn’t come across as sincere or you are confronted about any discrepancy between your actual experience and skills and the inflated version of events you have projected to others.

Be careful not to clash with authority figures at this time. Your enthusiasm and desire to break down barriers may be interpreted as infringing on others’ territory.

Transiting Sun trine natal Jupiter

Your charm is enhanced and your ideas and company are sought out by others.

Though your relationships are harmonious and cheer is abundant in social settings, you may be keeping an eye on the horizon and not getting too personally attached to anyone at this time.

Rather, this is the ideal time to network and really make sure you can work the crowd. You don’t want to spend too much time or energy in one place right now and your connections will pay off in the long term.

You are likely to excel in just about anything you do right now and the outcome is likely to surpass your expectations. You have unlimited enthusiasm and hope and as a result things just flow naturally for you. It may seem like you are on a lucky winning streak.

Keep your social connections close but try not to get bogged down in heavy duty relationship issues right now. Instead focus on expanding your creative talents, furthering your education or skills, advancing your career and growing your wealth. Travel is also favored at this time.

Transiting Sun opposite natal Jupiter

While you still feel a fair amount of optimism and faith in yourself and others, your confidence is likely to be projected onto superficial things.

You may waiver on your beliefs about your talents, waiting for others to praise you so that you can feel solid in your own abilities.

You may also become too focused on material items, money, wealth and power. Your desire to feel unencumbered may translate into a quest to overstep your limits when it comes to spending, or collecting things because you are operating under the assumption that more is better.

The quest to compete with others for fancier things, more status or to follow trends may deter you from actually accomplishing what is most meaningful to you.

Be careful of indulging in excess at this time.

Transiting Sun quincunx natal Jupiter

You long for freedom and the chance to expand your horizons, further your education, or travel to distant places.

You can see these opportunities on the horizon but will likely lack the resources and ability to follow through on making these dreams a reality at this time.

Rather than becoming frustrated with what seems to be too far from reach, try to focus on the small steps leading to bigger changes. It may not be the right time for everything to fall into place, or you may have to adjust some aspect of your plans in order for your dreams to really take off.

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