Transiting Sun on natal Saturn: your efforts and perseverance will pay off in the long run

transit-sun-saturn.jpg Transiting Sun on natal Saturn: your efforts and perseverance will pay off in the long run

Transiting Sun conjunct natal Saturn

Your desire to assert your autonomy and individuality will be enhanced or hindered, depending on how well you can work with existing structures, systems and traditions which provide your stable foundation.

Rather than trying for extreme changes, go for slow and subtle. Your best chances for success will come from learning to crawl before walking and running. So while this transit may bring attention to tedious matters, take advantage of this time and get organized. Cover details, take advantage of the patience brought out by this transit and don’t rush to the finish line.

You may become more self disciplined at this time and your efforts and perseverance will pay off in the long run. There is definitely a sense of right timing and anything you try to rush will simply not pan out, so better to slow down.

Transiting Sun sextile natal Saturn

You may emulate elders in your family or community at this time.

Valuable lessons that can help your career in the long term will come to you through the advice or guidance of mentors, especially those who are older than you.

You are likely being shown a path to advancement in career, finances and general life stability. If you can tone down your enthusiasm to forge ahead and take in feedback from those around you, there is a greater chance of success.

Your optimism and patience may benefit relationships with others as you may end up being called upon to guide or assist someone close to you. Though some challenges may be in focus, you have the right attitude and disposition to work with what you have and still land on your feet.

Your sense of responsibility to do what is right and your ethical attitude in relationships is helping to create a stable foundation for those in your family, personal life and community at this time.

Transiting Sun square natal Saturn

Challenges and obstacles are prevalent now, especially in areas of life that normally come easy to you or are part of your nature.

As a result your confidence may lag at this time and you may doubt your abilities and potential for success.

Acknowledge the realistic and frustrating restrictions that currently exist, but try not to sink into depression or hopelessness. Rather than giving up or becoming cynical, you can view these challenges as just the right amount of friction to ensure that you remain humble and don’t take your gifts, talents and privileges for granted.

Transiting Sun trine natal Saturn

You will likely enjoy recognition and payoff from your hard work and sacrifices.

During this time your focus is on work, achievement and stability. You are building a solid foundation and all this emphasis on practical matters may restrict your social life a bit at this time.

You are likely to see this as a needed and acceptable sacrifice, after all, at this time even if you were at a party or social event, all you would likely talk about are the items on your to-do list, your career goals and the steps you are taking to build a new life from the bottom up.

You are likely to enjoy the work you are doing, and even when challenges arise your optimism and confidence will not let you get discouraged.

This is a good time for long term planning, career growth or advancement, starting a business or engaging in any practical, mundane work that would usually feel like a chore. Somehow, at this time, you manage to make boring work fun and exciting.

Transiting Sun opposite natal Saturn

Your plans and ambitions are in direct opposition to life circumstances or the needs of others at this time.

You would do well to step back, slow down and consider compromising. What you are more likely to do, however, is to dig in your heels and try to outmaneuver others to guarantee that you get your way.

This tactic is likely to cost you valuable personal and creative energy, and strain your relationships.

Consider that in the big picture there is some benefit to taking a path other than what you think is best at this time. Be open to opportunities that arise from listening to others, especially experts or elders in your family or career field.

Try not to take opposition to your plans and ideas as a personal attack.

Transiting Sun quincunx natal Saturn

You must face restrictions that cramp your style at this time. Expect some minor obstacles to limit your ability to be the self directed, confident person you know you can be.

You may feel less optimistic than usual as a result of these obstacles but success is still possible if you work within the framework you have been given. This will require you to accept some of the limitations as they are and use your creativity and resourcefulness to transform stressful situations into opportunities.

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