Transiting Sun on natal Uranus: sudden changes and quest for independence

transit-sun-uranus.jpg Transiting Sun on natal Uranus: sudden changes and quest for independence

Transiting Sun conjunct natal Uranus

You are likely to suddenly want to strike out independently and totally reinvent yourself.

You may shock others by embracing wholeheartedly some new and rather extreme views. You may also begin to dress in unconventional ways or completely change your look.

When questioned about all these sudden changes you will either claim to have always been this way, or explain to others the latest research suggesting that your new views, lifestyle, or practices are the cutting edge. In either case, to some degree you will be correct.

Transiting Sun sextile natal Uranus

Your need for independence becomes more intense now as well. You are likely to abruptly break away from relationships or situations that used to be significant.

You may also start to align yourself with socially oppressed people, becoming a spokesperson for a humanitarian cause.

Your interests may veer toward the unorthodox and eccentric. This is a great time to make new social contacts or become actively involved in groups and organizations. In particular, you may be drawn to humanitarian groups or study groups exploring esoteric, occult or conspiracy theory topics.

Transiting Sun square natal Uranus

Challenges arising at this time carry an underlying theme of discerning your individual needs and identity from the needs of a group, community or society at large.

You may be questioning where and how you fit in. In the process of learning your place in the larger framework, you may feel compelled to act in erratic, zealous ways.

You may overcompensate for low confidence and self doubt by expressing your views in self righteous, vigilant ways.

You may also become less tolerant of those who challenge your ideas or hold different ideological viewpoints.

Step back and gain perspective. Too much emphasis on ego will only exacerbate these challenges.

Transiting Sun trine natal Uranus

Your creativity and intelligence are working together at this time and you may have radical strokes of genius and sudden epiphanies.

This is a great time for planning, innovation and any tasks requiring creativity and inventive thinking. You may embark on a path requiring research, and may have to use your resources creatively to solve problems by thinking outside of the box.

You crave mental and social stimulation at this time. Take a class, join a study group- especially one focusing on fringe topics, progressive ideology or unusual topics blending science and spirituality.

You may also become deeply and personally involved in groups or religious sects or organizations which aim to better society though employ unorthodox methods.

Transiting Sun opposite natal Uranus

Group affiliation is important at this time, as it will lead you to success. At the same time you may be resisting going with the crowd because you don’t want to lose your independence.

You may end up arguing with others even when they agree with you, just for the sake of being able to assert an individual opinion, or to avoid being classified or labeled as part of any one particular group.

Your desire for independence may cause you to sabotage relationships by ghosting others or suddenly becoming cold and distant.

You may also alienate yourself by making grandiose and extreme proclamations, or taking on extreme views and not being open to discussion or debate.

Transiting Sun quincunx natal Uranus

You may encounter new information or embark on a new path that involves sudden change in attitude, identity or mindset.

You may quickly take on a new group identity, like that of an activist for a certain cause, or adopt a new lifestyle. Yet after diving into the transformation process, you are likely to find that you have to adjust to your new persona in ways you hadn’t anticipated.

You may not feel totally comfortable with a group affiliation which infringes on your need for individuality, or you may be questioning the best way to express your creative talents as part of a group. It may take some experimentation to get the feel for your role in a group or cause. You may also need to experience various extreme philosophies or ideologies before coming to a baseline that fits you authentically.

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