Transiting Sun on natal Pluto: time to dig beneath the surface


transit-sun-pluto.jpg Transiting Sun on natal Pluto: time to dig beneath the surface

Transiting Sun conjunct natal Pluto

This is a great time to dig beneath the surface. Research your options, get to the root of problems or situations before drawing conclusions.

It will be easy for you to dredge up underlying truths at this time, since your focus becomes more finely tuned and you take on a more intense demeanor.

You may become obsessive about certain topics, or like a blood hound, once you get a scent of something that draws your attention, you can become relentless in pursuit of the truth.

You exude natural power and authority at this time. This is a great time to try to advance your career, yet you are likely to explore all your options before making any drastic decisions.

Transiting Sun sextile natal Pluto

Your confidence and natural sense of authority will be inspiring to others.

You may break down barriers in career and personal life because you aren’t afraid to ask probing questions or assert your strengths and skills.

You easily influence other people at this time and can have a magnetic charm that makes others want to follow your lead.

This enhanced personal charisma can also draw out others who are romantically or sexually attracted to you.

You will easily be able to discern the agendas and underlying messages in communication with others at this time.

Transiting Sun square natal Pluto

Your increased focus and intensity may result in a narrow view of your path.

You may become too fixated on a particular outcome and limit your potential for success. Likewise, you may become engaged in power struggles easily at this time because you have confidence in yourself and can see through any façade in relationships or social situations.

At the same time, you may also become distracted by the pursuit of power without linking this energy back to any particular productive goal.

Avoid using your charm, captivating abilities and influence to manipulate others. Also be aware of the potential for misguided interpretations which make you feel paranoid or unduly suspicious of others.

Transiting Sun trine natal Pluto

This is a great time to purge your personal or work space of clutter, as well as clearing your life of baggage that is weighing you down.

You may become obsessively interested in hobbies or subjects which you will pursue to a near fanatical degree. As a result you may establish yourself as a expert on such subjects, especially those relating to taboo topics like death, afterlife, or deviant behaviors and abnormal psychology.

You may finally release yourself from a relationship or end a part of your career, yet rather than being depressed about this loss, you are more likely to embrace it as the beginning of a new phase of your life. You are also likely to feel confident in your abilities to start over and exceed your expectations.

Transiting Sun opposite natal Pluto

You may become seduced by power at this time, or try to exert power over others through manipulative means or intimidation.

You are also likely to sabotage yourself, especially in matters where you must work with authority figures or share power in a relationship.

Collaboration is difficult at this time.

Be mindful not to overestimate your strengths or overcompensate for insecurities by falling into self destructive patterns, just when you were on the brink of success.

Transiting Sun quincunx natal Pluto

You are likely to feel on edge, knowing on some level that various layers and defenses need to be released, yet holding on to self destructive patterns out of habit.

You may also lack a clear sense of what you need to let go of or how to begin initiating a major transformation.

You may also have the opportunity to undergo personal empowerment or healing work that requires you to dig deeper into your core wounds and underlying beliefs about yourself. You may be reluctant to fully embrace this healing work at this time, however and as a result may be inclined to show the world a façade of confidence which comes off more like arrogance.

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