Transiting Sun on natal Ascendant: high confidence and ease to charm others

transit-sun-ascendant.jpg Transiting Sun on natal Ascendant: high confidence and ease to charm others

Transiting Sun conjunct natal Ascendant

Your confidence is evident now and you easily charm others. You express your creative side through your appearance and become more outgoing in social settings.

Your disposition is more cheerful at this time and you may have a happy-go-lucky sense that with little effort things will work out for the best.

This outward exhibition of hope and enthusiasm can attract positive opportunities to you, but may also cause others to perceive you as lacking in ambition.

Transiting Sun sextile natal Ascendant

Your charm and optimism easily rub off on others. You are likely to be seen as a natural leader and others seek inspiration from you at this time.

Your social life may become more active and this is a great time to attract new relationships of all kinds.

Your health is likely to be good at this time, and your mood is likely to be cheerful.

You aren’t afraid to be in the spotlight and don’t mind attention and praise from others, so go ahead and explore ways to enhance your appearance or play up your physical and personality attributes.

You easily share ideas with others and have no problem being transparent. At this time relationships are harmonious.

Transiting Sun square natal Ascendant

Any issues with confidence or self image are in focus now, likely because you are inclined to overcompensate for areas you feel are lacking. As a result, the person you think you are and the image your project to the world are out of alignment.

You may also be unclear about parts of your identity. This is a good time to work on self improvement and making sure that your ego is in line with your higher self.

You may want to be perceived one way while you haven’t yet taken the steps to actually embody the person you want to be.

Let the tension and discomfort that arises from this discrepancy help motivate you to grow, heal and build greater self awareness.

Transiting Sun trine natal Ascendant

You easily embody your mission and have confidence in who you are. As a result, others are inclined to look to you as a guide or a source of inspiration. Whether in agreement on matters or not, others admire your strength and authenticity.

You easily attract friendships and relationships and your unique style helps you to stand out and get noticed. You don’t need to do this by going to extremes, but just by being yourself.

Your creative talents may become noticed at this time and this can lead to opportunities in your career or personal goals.

Transiting Sun opposite natal Ascendant

Your focus is now on partnerships, whether marriage, romantic or business.

Your optimism and positive energy will set the stage for you to be able to successfully negotiate without feeling the need to manipulate or overpower others. You genuinely feel confident in both yourself and the good will of those you are interacting with at this time.

A relationship may flourish, entering into an engagement for example. You may also successfully navigate a business deal with the help of a colleague.

You easily work with others and have a fair understanding of your mutual needs and strengths. You are likely to be able to maintain a balance between your individual identity and ambition and measures that will benefit those around you.

Transiting Sun quincunx natal Ascendant

You may begin to second guess aspects of your personality, appearance, or identity which were important to you but now seem awkward or out of place.

You may feel like you are growing out of one phase of your life but you’re not yet sure of the person you are becoming.

Adjustments may be required in order to fully regain confidence in your path and feel comfortable in your own skin at this time.

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