Transiting Moon on natal Moon: time for intimacy and nurturing relationships

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    transit-moon-moon.jpg Transiting Moon on natal Moon: time for intimacy and nurturing relationships

    Transiting Moon conjunct natal Moon

    This is an ideal time for intimacy and relationships as your ability to nurture others is heightened as is your intuitive connection to those you love.

    Significant emotional healing is underway. As you embark on this new phase, however you may have to deal with feelings kept out of your conscious awareness in the past.

    Your intuition is strong and dreams may be prophetic or healing at this time.

    You may have to keep grounded so as not to be carried away by intense emotional tides at this time.

    Your relationship with your mother or a mother figure may be in the spotlight at this time. Healing and strengthening of this relationship is possible but only if you take time to process the various emotional currents effecting you.

    You are likely to seek security through relationships or even through finances or other external sources, but would be better served by developing your own emotional stability and security from within.

    Transiting Moon sextile natal Moon

    This is a great time to nurture your family and personal relationships. You may feel inclined to act in maternal ways toward all of those around you, regardless of the nature of the relationship.

    Socializing at home and greater attention to domestic life are highlighted at this time.

    You may feel more sensitive to feedback from others and may perceive criticism where it was not intended.

    This is a good time to reconnect with old friends and family. You may also feel inclined to host a social gathering in your home at this time.

    You are intuitively in tune with those you love. Be sure to work on moderating your feelings and keep yourself grounded so that you won’t confuse instinct with insecurities.

    Transiting Moon square natal Moon

    Your fears may be projected onto others subconsciously and as a result you may be inclined to perceive criticism as personal attack. Your sensitivity is heightened now and may be the source of confusion in relationships. Don’t assume that your feelings reflect objective reality at this time.

    You may have trouble discerning your intuition from your inner doubts and fears, or wishful thinking.

    Relationships may become strained at this time as a result of insecurities or emotional reactions to real or perceived insults. Try not to take things to such a personal degree at this time.

    Slow down and don’t be in a rush to react to every impulse. Trust that you are in the midst of a cycle and that you will be able to smooth out hurt feelings through patience and communication.

    Transiting Moon trine natal Moon

    This is a good time to nurture yourself and others. You can relax and enjoy a receptive phase right now, rather than feeling compelled to rush off in pursuit of your goals.

    You may find that you are instinctively aware of others’ feelings and needs at this time.

    Your instincts may be helpful in negotiating a new path in business. You are likely to feel secure in your relationship, work and finances. Your mood is likely to be positive at this time as well.

    This is a great time to reminisce with family and loved ones. You may also feel inclined to spend time with your mother or mother figures. You may be more affectionate than usual and enjoy the company of those you love in the comfort of your own home.

    Your creative instincts may also be employed to help you add some comforting touches to your home environment or create a greater sense of familiarity and homeyness to your office or work space.

    Transiting Moon opposite natal Moon

    Articulating your feelings, even when you are not entirely clear about how you feel them or why, is essential at this time. Your emotions are intense and labile at this time and you may be surprised by how quickly you vacillate from euphoria to despair.

    Arguments and conflicts may arise at this time. Be mindful of your potential to perceive insult or criticism where it was not intended. Express yourself as clearly as possible from an assertive “I feel” standpoint and try not to resort to assuming or blaming others for your emotional discomfort.

    Transiting Moon quincunx natal Moon

    You may want to trust your instincts, yet conflicting emotions are likely to pull you in various directions and your intuition is likely to be less clear than usual.

    You may experience conflicts in relationships stemming from confusing nurturing others with vicariously trying to get your own needs met or overcompensating for insecurities by being extra attentive to others’ emotions.

    You may also feel tension in relationships with mother figures or other nurturers in your life, both wanting the security and attention you receive from them but at the same time feeling smothered.

    Let your emotions flow without putting too much stock in impulses at this time. You can feel without reacting until the path is clearer.

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