Transiting Moon on natal Mercury: mind and intellect triggered by emotions

transit-moon-mercury.png Transiting Moon on natal Mercury: mind and intellect triggered by emotions

Transiting Moon conjunct natal Mercury

You easily articulate your emotions at this time. Your mind and intellect are triggered by interests to which you feel emotionally attached.

Emotion and intuition are helping to guide your plans at this time. Communication reflects your sense of empathy. Your connection to others becomes more intuitive at this time. Your empathy attracts others to you at this time and you are able to maintain an optimistic outlook even as you connect with others on an emotional level.

This is a good time to express your feelings to family and close friends and loved ones.

The combination of intellect and intuition will help you to navigate through challenges and plan for the future.

Transiting Moon sextile natal Mercury

Your ability to express yourself emotionally makes this a good time to resolve relationship conflicts as you are able to blend the realms of ideas and emotions with eloquence and optimism.

Writing projects which draw on memory and emotional experience such as memoir writing are favored at this time. This is also a good time to take a test as your memory is sharp, but be sure to ground your emotions first so that anxiety doesn’t cause you to second guess your instincts, chances are you know the answers, trust yourself.

You may also desire closer connection with your mother or other prominent women in your life.

Telepathy and prophetic dreams are possible at this time.

You are likely to be sought after by those in need of emotional comfort and healing, becoming an unofficial counselor to your loved ones at this time.

Transiting Moon square natal Mercury

Your heart and mind are out of sync at this time. If you rely too much on your logical side, you will miss the accurate nudges of your intuition.

Conversely, if you believe every emotional impulse that wells up inside your psyche as if it were objective truth, you will be in for a rocky ride with plenty of drama.

You could balance the best of both the emotional and intellectual signals at work in your life right now, but you will need to adjust your thinking and perceptions. You are likely to misperceive subtle cues, or misread others’ emotional language. Be aware that your interpretations of events are likely influenced by a hypersensitive lens at this time.

Plans involving financial management or plans with family or friends may go awry due to miscommunications or assumptions which were not thoroughly verified.

Insecurities or doubts may manifest as excessive anxiety or produce emotional lability at this time.

Transiting Moon trine natal Mercury

Relationships can advance and become more intimate at this time. You have a knack for perceiving what others communicate either directly or on a more subtle level.

This is a great time for social events of various kinds, and you are more adaptable than usual. Whether entertaining family or friends in your home, or out for a night on the town with loved ones, you are likely to blend your outgoing, social, confident nature with your nurturing, maternal side.

You may seek out security through connections with others and conversations help to validate your importance in the lives of those you love. This is a good time to build a foundation for family and plan for future direction of close personal relationships.

Transiting Moon opposite natal Mercury

You may encounter miscommunications and arguments fueled by emotional sensitivity. Your appraisal of the factual issues in these conflicts is likely to be distorted by your personal biases and subjective sense of reality. You may be perceiving insult or attack when others intended only critique or advice.

Your rational and intuitive sides are at odds during this time. You may feel compelled to act on instinct, or you may become reactive to emotional triggers. Even in the midst of these reactions, you may be aware that your instincts are not logical, yet it will be difficult for you to moderate these dueling drives.

You may try to talk yourself out of following your intuition, insisting to yourself that your feelings can’t possibly be accurate because they don’t make sense.

Likewise, you may abandon all logical underpinnings and act strictly on emotion, which will create imbalances as you may be seeing the world the way you want- or fear- it to be, rather than as it is.

Slow down and allow a more objective review of facts and evidence. Your instincts may be guiding you at this time but your interpretation of intuitive clues is likely to be off at this time.

Self doubt and anxiety may also be prominent at this time, be mindful not to talk yourself out of opportunities or overthink choices.

Transiting Moon quincunx natal Mercury

You will have difficulty putting your feelings into words and others may misunderstand your meaning.

You are likely to misunderstand the emotional forces pulling you in different directions and at the same time your thoughts may be rapidly changing. During this transit avoid committing to concrete plans that will be difficult to change later on. You may want to trust your instinct but your mind and emotions aren’t communicating well and as a result your communication in relationships, as well as your ability to plan and organize a concrete strategy for action, will be compromised.

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