Transiting Moon on natal Venus: opportunities to deepen a romantic connection

transit-moon-venus.jpg Transiting Moon on natal Venus: opportunities to deepen a romantic connection

Transiting Moon conjunct natal Venus

This is a great time for an intimate evening at home and romantic dates are favored, especially if they feature some aspects of nostalgia along with an atmosphere of comfort and emotional security.

You will likely seek out opportunities to deepen a romantic connection and your intuition and empathy are working together at this time, so you are deeply in tune with what your loved ones are feeling.

If you are holding on to any insecurities about yourself, it will likely be projected onto your romantic relationships at this time.

This could be the start to a new cycle in your life where romance is prominent and love flourishes in your relationships with others.

Your charm and attractiveness are heightened and others are drawn to you. It is much easier for you to make friends, and attract what you desire, whether that is a lover or greater income.

You easily manifest that which brings you emotional security and physical comfort at this time.

The better you are equipped to manage your own emotions, the better connection you can create in your romantic relationships and friendships. Generally you are in the midst of a peaceful, comfortable and optimistic phase right now.

Transiting Moon sextile natal Venus

This is an ideal time to connect with friends, re-connect with loved ones, and create an even deeper bond with a partner. Your social engagements may center around your home or places where you feel most comfortable.

You can easily let your guard down around others at this time.

You are also likely to have an increased sensitivity to others, knowing exactly how to nurture those you love.

Relationships are given a boost of positive energy at this time, and you may easily resolve conflicts, mend wounds and find peace and harmony in your connections to others.

Your empathic, nurturing side is activated and you are likely to show love by cooking for others or taking phone calls from friends in need of a listening ear, regardless of how late at night it is.

Transiting Moon square natal Venus

Relationships and sentimentality are highlighted at this time. You may experience some challenges in your romantic life, but this gives you an opportunity to correct assumptions, imbalances or other unsustainable relationship patterns.

You are likely to clash with loved ones and may have to deal with subconscious insecurities which are causing you to project jealousy or fears onto your relationships. Avoid giving into the temptation to use manipulative tactics to control loved ones or elicit a response which you think will show ‘proof’ of others’ feelings for you.

Adjustments in relationships will need to be made, your role in another’s life may shift at this time and you may feel insecure about how others feel about you. Take this in stride as you navigate through this challenging time, don’t react to every impulse and instinct without letting things settle first so that all aspects of a situation may be known clearly.

You may feel unmotivated to carry out tasks which don’t feel good or bring joy and excitement and as a result your attitude toward work or mundane tasks may suffer. Be careful not to become complacent at this time.

Transiting Moon trine natal Venus

This is a great time to celebrate in the company of those you love. Seek out artistic, creative or exciting outlets such as movies, art galleries, theater performances. You may also feel like entertaining at home and will likely pull out all the stops to make others feel like they are immersed in luxury.

You are likely to indulge yourself and others with gifts and treats as an expression of love and nurturing.

You may be especially fortunate in attracting abundance at this time, yet the tendency to go overboard and stretch your budget in pursuit of pleasure and expressing your generosity to others is still present.

You easily attract others who notice your charming, caring, nurturing energy and you may have a few romantic prospects to choose from. You will be lucky in love and relationships at this time.

Transiting Moon opposite natal Venus

Fault lines in the foundation of relationships will be exposed at this time and you will have to face the consequences of any unstable relationships or unresolved tension with loved ones.

You may be looking to relationships to find personal security and self worth, and if so this becomes a vicious cycle as you are likely to follow illusions rather than attracting long lasting relationships.

Your moods may vacillate and as a result you may project your unsettled emotions onto your loved ones. Try to stay grounded at this time.

Transiting Moon quincunx natal Venus

Tension arises in your relationships, you may feel compassion giving way to insecurity and attempts to establish your worth in relationships may result in temptation to act in passive, manipulative ways.

You may be tempted to overdue it when nurturing others and instead of having the effect of showing love and affection, you instead end up smothering those close to you.

Your instincts about a relationship may be slightly off and it will take some adjustments to pinpoint the reason for your sense that something is not quite what it seems.

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