Transiting Moon on natal Jupiter: intuition and empathic connection can help your expansion

transit-moon-jupiter.jpg Transiting Moon on natal Jupiter: intuition and empathic connection can help your expansion

Transiting Moon conjunct natal Jupiter

Opportunities for spiritual enlightenment and advancement of status are illuminated at this time. Your intuition and empathic connection to others can help you advance in your career. You gain public approval, especially for your empathy and intuitive skills.

You may take on a role of greater influence in the lives of someone close to you and your wise, compassionate guidance can help others achieve success.

Your mood is likely to be optimistic and hopeful. You can let your guard down and take greater risks to advance your public position and career.

You may pursue a relationship with a benevolent older person who will in turn become a mentor or benefactor.

Your finances and sense of emotional security are likely to receive a boost at this time, allowing you to pursue your dreams on a larger scale than what you previously thought was possible.

You are in tune with the struggles of others. You may become more involved in charities now.

Transiting Moon sextile natal Jupiter

You may be less of a hermit at this time, seeking groups to share your loving, nurturing energy with. You may also seek out opportunities to inspire and uplift others, which will be easy for you because you are in tune with others’ emotional needs at this time.

Your intuition is activated and you are able to use your perceptive skills to benefit communities, groups of people, friends and loved ones. You have strong hunches about the direction society should be progressing, and you become more involved in being part of the solution for underprivileged people and oppressed communities at this time.

Your nurturing skills are projected out onto a broad scale and you may become an unofficial counselor for those you love, colleagues or groups of friends.

Your generosity may stretch beyond your means. Still, it remains a positive time for you both in relationships and finances as you easily attract large scale projects which allow you to showcase your creative talents or business sense, and which pay off for you in the long run.

Public presentations or displays of your creative talent are likely to be well received by others at this time.

Transiting Moon square natal Jupiter

Relationships are likely to advance as you are more confident and outgoing. If given a chance to host an event, you are likely to go overboard making others feel at home. This is in part fueled by some level of insecurity which causes you to want to prove yourself to others.

You may be concerned about not being needed by those you are close to. Be careful with your expectations when it comes to grand gestures of love and caring.

You may feel deflated if your acts of generosity are not repaid.

Insecurity may also be channeled in positive ways at this time. You may apply greater effort to succeed in business or return to school to further your education so that your career may advance.

Try to channel any fears of lack or issues with perceived security to productive ends such as self improvement or crisis proofing your budget, rather than allowing your fears to become magnified.

Try not to bury your moods in food or indulgent shopping or gambling.

Transiting Moon trine natal Jupiter

You are likely to have renewed hope in humanity. Your faith in spirituality is also abundant.

Attuned to your own sense of good fortune, you are likely to extend your generosity to those who have been oppressed or disenfranchised, becoming more socially conscious at this time or getting involved in promoting charitable work.

You are also likely to seek out time to enjoy the company of friends and loved ones, perhaps entertaining at home, attending a fundraiser for a good cause, or other special event. You will be drawn to large crowds and socializing with diverse people, yet you will also likely create a sense of warmth and intimacy into group settings at work or on the social scene.

Your desire to nurture is extended out to larger audiences and is well received by others at this time.

Transiting Moon opposite natal Jupiter

This transit can help you overcome shy tendencies and become more transparent about your emotions. On the other hand, you may feel compelled to broadcast personal information, only to feel overexposed later.

Your guard is lowered. You may act more impulsively than usual. You may relax the filter separating your private versus public life. Beware of grandiosity.

Discretion is not your forte at this time and this can lead to regrettable decisions in who you trust and how much you let others access your private life.

You may also indulge to excess when it comes to shopping, spending, eating or drinking as a general sense of euphoria is guiding your decisions. Try to maintain some boundaries and limits at this time.

Transiting Moon quincunx natal Jupiter

Your intuition may be signaling that big things are in store for you, and they are, however you aren’t as close to the finish line as you may lead yourself to believe.

Your ideals, big dreams, and grand aspirations are possible but you are earlier in the cycle than you think. Let things play out further and be prepared to make adjustments.

You may be tempted to initiate a relationship and want to go right for the marriage proposal, or feel entitled to a promotion that has not quite been earned yet.

You may also feel tension brewing between your desire to travel, explore the world and experience new things, and the introverted, homebody side of yourself that just wants to watch movies about exotic places on television from the comfort of the couch rather than going through all the trouble (and risk) of visiting such places.

Try to nurture your dreams without rushing to make hasty decisions, and validate your impulse to explore without jeopardizing your equally important need for security.

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