Transiting Moon on natal Pluto: emotions are intensified

transit-moon-pluto.jpg Transiting Moon on natal Pluto: emotions are intensified

Transiting Moon conjunct natal Pluto

Your emotions are intensified at this time and may even seem overbearing. Heavy emotional issues may surface, forcing you to look deeper at your choices and life path at this time.

You may become aware of a family issues that challenges your core sense of security. You may also feel deeply uprooted by intense memories or feelings related to issues that have not been healed and resolved.

Revelations about relationships or family can have a deep impact and as a result you may feel unsettled, your views regarding the matter completely transformed.

You may also have to face your feelings about a past or present loss which has not been fully processed.

Be careful not to project your need for security onto others or act in manipulative ways toward others in order to feel empowered or secure.

Transiting Moon sextile natal Pluto

Your intuition is helping you to unravel any challenge or conflict and you may have epiphanies or dreams which guide you to get beneath the surface and deal with underlying psychological or emotional issues.

Unresolved wounds, grief or insecurities will be resurrected at this time so that you can deal with them. Any areas of your life being held together with duct tape are likely to unravel now so you can finally be free to rebuild and release what is not serving your greatest good.

A friend or someone close to you may reveal underlying truths about your relationship or your path that you could not or weren’t willing to see before. This is an opportunity for growth though it may be accompanied by intense emotional reactions.

Opportunities for emotional recharging will present themselves at this time as well.

Transiting Moon square natal Pluto

Challenges arise from attempts to control situations rather than allowing things to unfold as they need to. You may be propelled into family or relationship crisis exacerbated by any attempts to exert personal power over others or the situation at large.

Addictive tendencies, as well as manipulative behaviors will be exposed and you will have the opportunity to heal on a deeper level, addressing root causes. Although deeper resolution is possible now, it is likely that you will have to make some adjustments which include sitting with uncomfortable emotions and not repressing or running from feelings.

This is a good time to recognize how uncontrolled impulses have led to self destructive patterns in your life. It is also a good time to recognize controlling and manipulative behavior in relationships including trying to use sex or emotional blackmail to control others.

Epiphanies are likely to be painful and expose uncomfortable hidden truths at this time, yet in the long run it will be beneficial to face what is revealed under this transit.

Transiting Moon trine natal Pluto

This is an ideal time to embark on serious healing work especially healing emotions, traumas and psychological wounds from the past. You may become closer to your mother or a maternal figure in your life at this time as well.

Your intuition is given a significant boost and you are easily able to peer beneath the surface and get to the root of situations. You may also feel like you have x-ray vision when it comes to relationships, and that you can see through any façade or illusions.

While empowering, this can also lead you to confront some difficult truths about yourself and others.

At this time you have the determination and tenacity to delve deeper into your spiritual practice and your sense of integrity and desire for resolution will help you follow through on difficult aspects of your healing process.

You may feel more empowered to trust your instincts and work with various emotions without getting overwhelmed by their influence.

Your energy is more intense, though you are likely to direct it toward healing and truth seeking rather than overpowering others.

Transiting Moon opposite natal Pluto

Your sense of emotional security and empowerment are thrown out of balance at this time. You may feel tempted to exert power over others through manipulative means, and may become possessive or obsessed with loved ones.

You may also be susceptible to manipulation by others at this time as you crave emotional connection and security. Be mindful of the potential for addictive behavior at this time.

This can be a time of significant transformation however you are also likely to experience erratic emotions and mood swings in the process.

Dark, edgy or taboo topics may interest you and you may become obsessive about sexuality or other sources of emotional and physical release.

You may become embroiled in relationship drama as your emotions and personality become more intense at this time.

Spiritual practices which help you become empowered and manage emotions can be helpful at this time.

Transiting Moon quincunx natal Pluto

You crave deep connection with others and may wish to nurture others on a more intense, intimate level.

Your desire to express your compassion and love for others may be met with power struggles or dead ends.

The timing is off, or you are trying to push an agenda that has more to do with your insecurities or underlying emotional needs than you may be aware of.

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