Transiting Mercury on natal Sun: assertive and optimistic communication

transit-mercury-sun.jpg Transiting Mercury on natal Sun: assertive and optimistic communication

Transiting Mercury conjunct natal Sun

You easily express your individuality and strengths at this time. Communication is assertive without being domineering.

You are able to communicate your goals and ambitions in an optimistic way that inspires others to believe in your dreams as much as you do.

Your enthusiasm for messages you have to share with others can also be contagious now and others are able to receive your ideas. You may be prone to communicating in more dramatic terms but others will likely see this as entertaining and thought provoking.

This is an ideal time to give a captivating lecture, public presentation, or entertain others through a dramatic performance.

You will have no trouble being in the spotlight and will likely be uplifted because of the praise and recognition you receive as you deliver your message to others.

Transiting Mercury sextile natal Sun

Others are enthralled by your entertaining stories and (perhaps slightly exaggerated) tales of achievement at this time.

Your enthusiasm and optimism radiates through your communication with others. People gravitate to you and receive hope and inspiration from your written and spoken words.

A flair for the dramatic may color your communication at this time and others are likely to appreciate your larger than life persona conveyed through storytelling or writing.

You may be given opportunities to get your message out to a broader audience through writing or public speaking and doors can open for you through your associates and friends.

You are more social and outgoing at this time and may travel short distances to catch up with friends and collaborate on writing projects or other opportunities to spread the word about topics of interests.

You have the potential to learn from listening to others in your circle, and studying people can benefit your career, writing projects or long term goals.

Transiting Mercury square natal Sun

Your confidence may be shaken because of a lukewarm reception by others. If others aren’t as enthusiastic about your ideas and plans as you are, this can deflate your ego and cause you to doubt the path you are on.

Try not to take others’ reactions as criticism, but rather as feedback. Are your ambitions out of touch with the reality of the situation? Are your expectations unreasonable?

You may have to rewrite a draft of a project, or revise written work in some way because of feedback from others. Take this as constructive and review your work. With adjustments you have likely success in communication, writing and performance ahead of you.

Miscommunications are likely. Don’t let your optimism blind you to the need to edit your written work or choose your words carefully. You may need to discuss plans in detail to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Also, you may learn that some of your plans and ideas are more grandiose than you realized, be mindful that your ego may get in the way of your larger goals.

Transiting Mercury trine natal Sun

You could get an opportunity to shine and showcase your strengths as a speaker, writer or performer. You may make progress toward publishing written work or be recognized for a presentation or speaking and communication skills.

Your communication will likely be well received, and lead to further opportunities for advancement or create optimism and good connections socially.

Your creativity and natural sense of wonder and inquisitiveness are stimulated. You may pursue classes or workshops to delve further into refining creative skills or expanding your knowledge base.

You may also enhance skills that will help you market your speaking, writing or expressive abilities.

Transiting Mercury opposite natal Sun

Your active, busy mind may increase anxiety and stress rather than lend toward greater creativity at this time.

You may feel conflicted about how you express yourself or attempts to share an important message with others may be challenged or ineffective.

Your ego may be interfering with work that you are trying to do to express a specific message. Try not to take feedback or criticism personally.

Written work or public speaking may require revision before hitting the successful target you had hoped for.

Transiting Mercury quincunx natal Sun

Your creative and mental energy are not aligning in the most efficient way at this time. You may be distracting yourself with tasks that are mentally stimulating but which do not further your objectives or portray the best of your skills.

You may struggle with various aspects of your identity and ambition and not have a clear sense of which plan or mindset best fits you at this time. You may also have a difficult time conveying your ideas to other people, as your beliefs may vacillate on a whim.

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