Transiting Mercury on natal Moon: emotionally charged thoughts and instinctual communication

transit-mercury-moon.jpg Transiting Mercury on natal Moon: emotionally charged thoughts and instinctual communication

Transiting Mercury conjunct natal Moon

Your thoughts are emotionally charged and you may communicate on instinct, expressing your emotions more articulately than usual.

You may express your nurturing and care for others through messages, phone calls and letters. You may be driven to pursue interests in topics about which you are emotionally and intellectually connected to.

Any imbalances at this time can show up as neurotic or anxious communication, expressing your subconscious fears or insecurities or becoming obsessive in your thinking about situations you don’t feel confident about.

As your thoughts are focused on creating emotional security, you may advocate for a raise or make shrewd business negotiations using eloquent communication or well crafted written work to appeal to those who can help you achieve business or financial goals.

Transiting Mercury sextile natal Moon

Your intellect is stimulated by emotional connections to memory, you may long for nostalgia, write about life events from your past, start work on a memoir, or use your sharp memory to help you prepare for a test.

You may also be more emotional in your communication style at this time. Sentimentality will show through your words and this is a good time to express nurturing and empathy for others.

People will be drawn to your sensitive nature and your emotionally moving words. You may encounter those in need of a shoulder to cry on and your engaging communication style will be healing and uplifting to others.

You may seek out opportunities to catch up with old friends in social settings. You are able to express your feelings through written and spoken word and others feel supported in your presence.

Transiting Mercury square natal Moon

Your mind is not in alignment with your emotions now. You may be rationalizing a situation which you have strong feelings about.

Your feelings will be known, however and attempts to suppress and avoid them will only backfire, they will leak into your conscious awareness through anxiety or lability if not acknowledged directly.

You may also have difficulty expressing yourself and communicating your needs because murky emotions interfere with your own clear understanding of what you want and need.

Take time to process feelings through journal writing or communications with others. Don’t be in a rush to figure things out and avoid neglecting your emotional life at this time.

You may have conflicting drives toward social activity and isolation at the same time.

Transiting Mercury trine natal Moon

Your intellect and intuition are working together now and you are able to gain greater clarity at this time. Your emotions help guide you and fuel your communication with others in a productive way.

You are able to feel heard and your emotions validated and this creates a sense of alignment and connection with others.

Your connection with others is deeper now and you desire more time with friends, family and loved ones. You may reminisce about the past, but this is a time to cherish memories and share with friends and loved ones to strengthen the connection.

You may have strong intuitive communication which helps to build your social connections with others at this time as well.

Transiting Mercury opposite natal Moon

Your rational mind is in direct conflict with your emotional, intuitive nature. You may feel compelled to act in ways you feel you ‘shouldn’t’.

Likewise, you may also feel strong emotional tides that don’t logically make sense because you can rationalize a situation, telling yourself you ‘shouldn’t’ feel this way.

The best way to get through this conflict is to give space and validation to the gifts of both your rational and intuitive side, rather than trying to allow one to rule the other.

Avoid compulsive actions at this time. Your thoughts may tend to race due to an increase in anxiety or pressure to express your emotional nature rather than suppressing this part of yourself.

Avoid impulsively blurting out the first thing to come to your mind as this may create conflicts in relationships with others. You may have to process a few layers of emotion in order to really get to the heart of what you want and need right now.

Transiting Mercury quincunx natal Moon

Mental and emotional aspects of yourself are out of alignment at this time.

Your heart and instincts are pulling you in one direction while you may be talking yourself out of following your instincts, opting instead to try to find the logical, analytical path.

Meanwhile you may have an excess nervous energy that emerges as tension or insecurity, causing you to constantly over analyze and second guess yourself. You can’t easily make decisions at this time because on some instinctive level you recognize you aren’t being true to your inner wisdom. Draw from both the intellectual and intuitive realms to pursue your goals.

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