Transiting Mercury on natal Jupiter: opportunities to expand thinking and philosophical or spiritual knowledge

transit-mercury-jupiter.jpg Transiting Mercury on natal Jupiter: opportunities to expand thinking and philosophical or spiritual knowledge

Transiting Mercury conjunct natal Jupiter

You crave higher learning and have opportunities to expand your thinking and philosophical or spiritual knowledge through new information you receive at this time.

You may become exposed to different cultures and become interested in learning a new language.

Coursework or studies involving advanced education and critical thinking are favored now.

Your thoughts become more inspired at this time and you are likely to embrace larger goals for yourself for the long term.

You feel confident and optimistic about your plans and your communication with others is uplifting and encouraging. Others believe in your dreams and this helps you to pursue your plans.

Ideas and plans you commit to now can bring potential for abundance and career advancement, you may also have the opportunity to network in pursuit of a promotion or leadership opportunity.

Transiting Mercury sextile natal Jupiter

You may receive encouragement to pursue your education, write a book or publish a paper, give a talk or teach a class. This is a great time to analyze your prospects and plan for long term goals.

Your social life is enhanced in part because others are drawn to your broad range of knowledge on many subjects as well as your optimistic nature and communication skills. You may seek out connections with influential people in your network who will help you advance your career goals.

You may also take the lead in group endeavors and others may look up to you at this time.

Research and advanced exploration of topics that interest you are likely. You may also encounter authority figures who help you strategize long term goals and mentor you.

Transiting Mercury square natal Jupiter

You will likely be thinking in idealistic rather than realistic terms at this time. Your vision is on long term goals and you have an added dose of optimism which helps you confidently reach beyond any limitations.

Your plans may need to be adjusted to incorporate realistic barriers and while this is still an optimistic time for you, plans may need to be revisited several times before they are likely to succeed.

You may be prone to miscommunications if your goals and focus are too far ahead of your current starting point. You may be thinking in abstract or theoretical terms, and reminders of reality may feel constricting or slightly frustrating to your overall dreams and plans.

Transiting Mercury trine natal Jupiter

You may receive good news about an opportunity you had been hoping for. You have an abundance of optimism and mental energy and clarity.

This is a great time to expand your plans and ideas and think outside of the box.

Brainstorming on new projects, submitting articles or proposals for publication, and applying for jobs which advance your career are favored. Whatever you do, aim higher than you thought possible at this time.

Your positive outlook and hope for the future attracts others whose confidence is also boosted through the inspiring ideas you share with them.

Transiting Mercury opposite natal Jupiter

Your enthusiasm and positivity may have led you to get ahead of yourself or take on more than you can manage. You may become anxious not because of fears, but as a result of excess mental energy that can’t be channeled effectively at this time.

Your goals may also have become so lofty as to become overwhelming. Step back and look at the small steps which lead you to the larger picture, try not to skip parts of the process to advancement just because they seem tedious or insignificant.

Transiting Mercury quincunx natal Jupiter

You have no logical reason not to succeed, other than underlying ambivalence about what you truly want.

Fearing limitation, you may keep yourself suspended at the crossroads, fearing that any option you select will confine you to a path that proves unfulfilling.

You may have so many options that you don’t know where to begin and as a result, talk yourself out of any action at all. You may also be planning farther ahead than is reasonable and this delays progress as you can’t easily initiate next steps in the present moment.

You may apply your flexible thinking to try to work around an ethical or moral decision only to find that you aren’t convincing yourself as well as you had hoped to.

You are susceptible to taking on too much, spreading yourself too thin, and getting lost in the ideas and plans without putting enough energy into action. Try to maintain a practical approach and keep more of your focus in the present rather on the way you wish things to be in the future.

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