Transiting Moon on natal houses: where do you express your feelings?

Moon.jpg Moon transiting in house 1

Your appearance takes on a softer more romantic tone. Your style of dress or mannerisms may become more romantic or feminine regardless of gender, and you may also begin to dress in retro style or with a flair for nostalgia.

You are likely to express your emotions more easily and openly and it will be clear to those around you that intuition is guiding your actions. You may be perceived as more labile as you ride the emotional rollercoaster at this time.

You are also likely to be much more sensitive to criticism, real or perceived, from those around you. You may end up going out of your way to try to please and accommodate others to avoid any disharmony in relationships.

Your nurturing side is in the forefront and others are likely to respond to your compassionate, care taking behaviors. Although generally well received, some may feel smothered by your nurturing at this time, while others may overstep boundaries and take advantage of your activated caring nature.

Moon transiting in house 2

You long for security and will seek emotional contentment through external things, in particular money or representations of security such as wealth and resources. You may spend time organizing your family’s finances or planning for the financial viability of your home and family life.

You may also begin to amass a collection of valuables, antiques, family heirlooms and treasures which represent your connection to the past and to your family’s heritage. You may justify splurges by telling yourself that you are investing in your future or in items which will rise in value, however it is unlikely that you will sell any part of your collections.

This is an ideal time to review the family finances and budget. Your instincts are sharp when it comes to managing financial matters.

If you are not addressing underlying emotional wounds, you may harness your inner Miser at this time and begin hoarding things and money to try to comfort yourself or fill empty space in your life.

You may also become extra protective of material possessions and money, researching insurance policies or becoming more aware of threats to your finances or your family’s financial security.

Moon transiting in house 3

You are more nurturing of others in your circle including siblings, neighbors and peers in your community. You express your feelings more openly to others and this is generally received well as others see you as relatable and easy to connect with.

Emotional experiences may prompt you to take a class or write a book, in particular a memoir style project in which you can recount memories, good or bad, and release the emotional hold they have on you.

Planning, thoughts and creative energy are all emotionally fueled at this time. You may feel compelled to reconnect with an old friend or travel short distances for social gatherings or to spend time with family.

Moon transiting in house 4

Your focus is all about homelife, family and living space. You may reminisce about favorite past memories, or obsess over unresolved childhood wounds at this time.

This is a great time to connect with family members, as you will both desire nurturing and feel an abundance of love and nurturing energy to share with others.

This is also an ideal time to relax at home, get projects done around the house. Adding family friendly touches, decorating in ways that make you feel nostalgic, or doing repairs which increase the security of the home are ideal at this time.

You may be planning for the future of your family at this time. Be sure to balance both the emotional drive for nurturing and security with the logical elements of planning for your future, otherwise insecurities may drive you to make decisions which are unnecessary or cause conflict.

You may also be feeling more sensitive, affectionate and intuitively connected to others at this time.

Moon transiting in house 5

Your emotions are likely to be more upbeat and optimistic at this time. You may become intuitively connected with someone new and exciting, who encourages you to take greater risks. Through this risk taking you may allow yourself to be more vulnerable, yet with faith in others and in your ability to manage a wide variety of emotions and experiences.

This transit may involve the beginning of a powerful new love affair, in which your maternal instincts of nurturing and protecting the one you love are triggered.

You may also take risks for the sake of amusement and involve family on an exciting adventure or high energy vacation.

Your creativity is heightened and is fed by both intuition and emotional cycles.

You may be in the spotlight more than usual and are likely to come out of your shell and share more of your inner world with others.

Moon transiting in house 6

Your daily routines will involve more connection with family or those you take a nurturing or maternal role with, even in your work and community environment.

You are more sensitive to energies around you and to the moods and needs of others. Any imbalances at work will be felt on a deeper level and you may become concerned with trying to make peace and create harmony in the workplace or in your daily encounters with others.

Strangers, acquaintances, or co-workers may end up leaning on you for emotional support more than usual and it will be easier for you to be present and nurturing at this time.

You are acutely aware of stress and tension and may somaticize emotions which aren’t otherwise being acknowledged and dealt with. In particular, you may experience digestive issues and stomach upsets at this time.

Your compassionate nature comes to the forefront and this is a great time to look for opportunities to be of service in the community or at work in an emotionally healing and nurturing capacity.

Others who are experiencing challenges may overwhelm you, but you can support others simply by listening.

Moon transiting in house 7

Communication with your partner or significant others becomes more empathic and instinctual at this time. Set the scene for romance. A new relationship may bring out your maternal, nurturing and protective instincts. An existing relationship may need more nurturing than usual.

You will likely be in the mood to create a comfortable, secure environment at home and spend time with loved ones. This is a great time for a romantic date or low key evening at home with the ones you love.

One on one conversations with significant others are highlighted now. Even work or career negotiations will be more favorable if you can appeal to authority figures or influential people on an individual basis rather than addressing a large group.

Your negotiation skills are fine tuned and informed by your intuition. Your relationships with others will help you advance your career because of your tenacious nature and ability to appeal to others on an emotional basis.

You find it easier to process your moods at this time by allowing others to be an emotional sounding board. Conversations with partners or significant others help you hear what you are actually thinking.

Moon transiting in house 8

You want to feel more secure in your relationships at this time and you may seek concrete proof of your security in relationships. Your intuition is strong and you will likely see beneath the surface of other’s defenses. Rather than confronting others’ walls head on, you are likely to use your subtle yet powerful nurturing abilities to help disarm others and strengthen relationships.

Your desire for security may prompt you to turn your attention to finances and your net worth is likely boosted at this time. You may receive an award, settlement or inheritance or a prominent female family figure may help you get on your feet financially.

Any unresolved emotional issues connected to grief or loss are resurrected at this time and must be dealt with so that you can grow and move on.

If you have unresolved emotional needs which are not being met, you may turn toward obsessive thinking. Likewise, your relationships with others may take on a possessive, obsessive tone. You may become embroiled in power struggles or manipulative tactics including playing off of jealousy or guilt trips in order to try to solidify your role in a relationship, though this is not advised.

Moon transiting in house 9

You are likely to feel emotionally connected to someone from another culture or attracted to foreign cultures and travel in general. You may desire a pilgrimage to explore places significant to your family’s origins or to reconnect with your past.

This is a great time to connect with people from diverse backgrounds. This is also a great time to advance your education especially in the pursuit of advance degrees which help you bring security, healing, and comfort to others. Your desire to nurture and create security blends with expansion in your spiritual beliefs and you may become interested in metaphysical or holistic healing practices.

Although family and loved ones are important, you may feel a strong independent streak at this time which will embolden you to go out on a limb more than usual.

Go out on a limb, venture outside of your comfort zone and open up to larger possibilities for yourself. You may contemplate moving your home and family to a new location, perhaps in a foreign country.

You may also contemplate introducing your family to very different spiritual beliefs or new cultural practices or philosophies.

Your moods influence your decisions though your attitude and emotions run on the optimistic side at this time. You are likely to more secure emotionally due in part to greater faith in your abilities and in the good nature of others.

Moon transiting in house 10

Your instincts lead you to connect with influential people who will help you advance in your career. Although more emotionally driven than logic focused at this time, you have the potential to appeal to others based on your genuine, caring and nurturing energy. Others are likely to relate to you on a more personal level.

In spite of showing your soft, nurturing side, you can also negotiate deals in a shrewd and tenacious manner at this time, especially if your goal is to protect others or invest in the future of your career so that you can set a stable foundation for your family.

Your emotions are not easily hidden at this time. If your work requires a stoic presentation this will be a challenge, though you may also benefit in unexpected ways from the genuine expression of emotions which help others relate to you and see you as authentic.

Work that helps families, or a career in counseling, teaching, real estate, business, or finances are favored at this time.

Moon transiting in house 11

Your sensitivity to emotion and others’ energy is strong at this time though you tend to be less focused on your internal world. Instead, large group activities appeal to you.

You are also likely to want to expand your social network and spend time with others. Your protective, nurturing instincts are projected out into the larger community and you may become concerned with issues of social justice or feel compelled to nurture those perceived to be scapegoats or underdogs.

You are likely to feel in tune with communities and large groups of people and may feel more comfortable than usual leading a group activity or taking on responsibility in a charitable organization.

Your psychic awareness can expand and develop more at this time as well. Classes that focus on intuitive development, seances or message circles, meditation groups or drumming circles may appeal to you at this time.

If you have been feeling insecure about your personal value and role in relationships, you may feel disconnected from others even more at this time, or feel alienated from the mainstream. Seek out others with common interests, even if those interests involve esoteric or fringe topics.

Moon transiting in house 12

Your intuition is awakened at this time and you are closely connected to spiritual guidance and higher wisdom. Ironically, you may also feel compelled to act impulsively and confuse fantasy with intuition.

The clarity you need to fine tune your instincts will be especially challenging to find at this time. Instead you may feel like you are walking through a haze and your thoughts, feelings, and wishes may become confused with reality.

This is a great time for reflection or activities which involve imagination and creativity. It is not the easiest time to make concrete, serious decisions.

You may be forced to confront illusions or self delusions at this time as well.

Emotional, mental and spiritual healing are underway. Try to go with the flow and be mindful not to indulge in addictive or avoidant activities at this time.

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