Transiting Venus on natal houses: where is your love directed to?

Venus.jpg Venus transiting in house 1

Your attitude is optimistic at this time, and you present a softer, gentler side of yourself to the world. Romance is emphasized and you seek connection with friends and romantic interests.

You may change your personal style or enhance your appearance in some way.

Finances will likely improve as you are on track to attract opportunities for abundance. Attraction in romance is also likely at this time.

You may change aspects of your physical appearance or public image to better align with your personal values and artistic tastes.

You are likely to seek pleasure and indulge in personal luxuries especially those that enhance status or outward appearance.

You are sought out by others and may prefer to mingle in large groups, engaging in social activities at this time. Partnerships or group collaborations may also contribute to your personal advancement at this time.

Venus transiting in house 2

Your finances are given a boost as you easily attract assets, resources and valuables. Your priorities become clear now. You may increase your attention to budget, enhance the value of your home or property.

You may also acquire resources and financial gain as a result of those close to you and your influential network.

You are likely to be content with your relationships and feel a positive flow of energy between yourself and your loved ones.

You are also likely to splurge on luxuries or indulge in collections or pleasure seeking.

You easily attract access to money as well at this time and may acquire additional income through work in creative fields such as commissioned artwork, writing, music or poetry.

Venus transiting in house 3

You are likely to be chatty, outgoing and social and may spend more time mingling with friends, siblings and members of your neighborhood or community. Group projects and collaborative projects are favorable at this time.

You easily express your feelings for others and enjoy an open exchange of ideas and harmonious communication among friends and loved ones.

You are likely to speak in more romantic or poetic ways. This is an ideal time to express yourself through art of various kinds. You may also develop a writing project, create poetry or send love letters or messages of adoration or appreciation to others.

You may pursue your interests by taking classes and will likely enjoy the social connection from the class setting as much as the mental stimulation. An art or music class is also likely to appeal to you at this time, as are classes in decorating, theater, culinary arts, beauty, or financial management.

This is a great time to resolve conflicts through conversations with others, or to mediate a conflict to help others achieve harmony and understanding.

Venus transiting in house 4

Your focus is on home and family and you may add beautifying touches to your home space or invest in home improvements that create an atmosphere of comfort and luxury while raising the value of your home.

You make changes to the home or routines to create greater intimacy, comfort and harmony in family relationships. This is an ideal time for a family movie night, or other family date.

You may also be in the mood to express affection and intimacy at home, cuddling on the couch with a significant other and the dog rather than going out to parties or being in a crowd.

This is a good time to review family financial goals and update the family budget. Make changes now to keep finances sustainable or to save up for a family vacation or shared luxury.

You may also feel nostalgic for the past, your childhood home, or things you valued as a child. Reminders of favorite past times, places, movies, music and memories may be shared with those currently in your life and reminiscing helps you forge a deeper bond with loved ones.

Venus transiting in house 5

Your happy-go-lucky attitude brings optimism and confidence into your life. You may be willing to take more risks at this time both with your social life and investments.

You may splurge on a gamble or invest in a long shot. You may also indulge in recreational activities that bring pleasure and help you escape stress or boredom in your routines.

Your creativity is activated at this time and you may produce works of art, music or poetry. You may also pair up with a friend or work as part of a group on a collaborative creative effort.

Your playful side can frolic now and you may enjoy the company of young people and children at this time.

This is also an ideal time for romantic dates and even the initiation of a love affair. Your attraction energy is heightened and you may be approached by others showing romantic interest in you.

Be careful to not overindulge in too much of a good thing. Affairs at this time may be exciting but not intended to be long lasting romance. You may also run the risk of neglecting work for play or becoming irresponsible during this time.

Venus transiting in house 6

You are likely to bring harmony, good feelings and warmth into the workplace and your relationships with co-workers are likely to be peaceful and friendly at this time.

Your positive mood is contagious and you uplift those you encounter.

Your day to day work atmosphere feels more pleasant now and you may make small changes to beautify and add comfort to your work environment.

You are more creative in your approach to your job and may be more sensitive to the needs of those you serve professionally and also to those you are working with.

You are likely to feel the physical effects of any recent overindulgences in alcohol, food or other excesses as your body will give you feedback when you have had too much of a good thing.

Venus transiting in house 7

Happiness and contentment pervades and is enhanced by harmony in relationship to a significant other. A new romance may blossom at this time or you may meet someone new who becomes a romantic partner. Your collaborations with others are harmonious and you are able to strike a balance between your needs and the needs of others.

Your charm and attraction power are amplified at this time and others are naturally drawn to you. This is a great time to heal relationship wounds or soothe ongoing conflicts as you will have an easier time being diplomatic and expressing empathy.

You are better able to balance your ego desires and the collective needs of the group or of significant others at this time. You are also better able to appreciate your significant others’ talents and strengths as complementing your own, rather than seeing differences as a challenge to power. This is a great time for advancement of relationships and harmonizing your goals with those of your loved ones.

You will generally be able to see the best in others at this time without being distracted by flaws or harping on others’ shortcomings. An optimistic time for building relationships and focusing on shared goals.

Venus transiting in house 8

You are likely to experience a financial boost through a partner or significant other. You may increase your networth through a shared investment or acquisition of shared property.

You may also have the opportunity to experience healing and rebirth of a relationship, reconnect with someone from your past, or gain closure on a relationship issue that has been unresolved.

Issues of power and management of shared finances may surface in partnership or relationship to a significant other. You will have the benefit of diplomacy and a gentle approach on your side and are likely to be able to smooth over issues and resolve things harmoniously rather than aggressively.

Intimate relationships may become deep and intense and you may feel attracted to someone who exudes power and has an edgy attitude.

Venus transiting in house 9

You seek beauty through connection to other cultures and are attracted to what seems exotic to you at this time. You may meet a romantic interest from another culture or background or become involved in a long distance relationship.

You may also embark on a voyage to a foreign place in part because of someone close to you.

You are also concerned with social issues and philanthropy and may invest energy or money or both in uplifting others and improving society.

You may be inclined to decorate your home in the style of another culture or begin adapting your wardrobe inspired by the fashion of another culture.

You may also seek higher knowledge and spiritual growth in part inspired by a relationship, adapting your beliefs and expanding your mind based on what a friend or loved one is teaching you about other philosophies or belief systems.

Venus transiting in house 10

Your skills and abilities are noticed and your warmth and positive attitude may help you advance in your career at this time.

You are likely to help mediate a conflict using your tact and compassion. Your network including social media or other professional group affiliations, will help you reach career goals at this time.

You may come to a better understanding in relationship to authority figures at work and colleagues because you are not currently operating from your ego but from a genuine desire to be of service and build community.

This is a good time to participate in group projects, to build your network and to enhance your public image through your connections to others.

You are able to establish your goals and ambitions and advocate for yourself because you are clear about the value of your work but are also able to articulate this without becoming demanding.

Venus transiting in house 11

You thrive in group and social settings and your audience is likely to expand to include people from other niches or walks of life. Your eclectic followers, loved ones and friends help expand your beliefs about the world and may change some of your ideas about justice and fairness.

You may become active in social justice groups or bring your creative abilities to the table to benefit social causes or fundraisers.

You may feel more comfortable in large social groups rather than one on one relationships right now.

You are also likely to be concerned about bringing harmony and understanding between diverse groups of people and may act as a mediator or peace keeper among different groups.

Although intimacy is not your focus right now, you may meet someone new through group or organizational activities or volunteer work and this relationship may grow deeper and more personal in the long term.

Venus transiting in house 12

You may retreat from your typically active social life and require more alone time or time to reflect on your relationships or romance. Your inner world is rich and imaginative at this time and you may feel inclined to express yourself creatively though through solitary activities.

You may also experience a relationship imbalance that leaves you feeling disillusioned or scapegoated. Be mindful not to lose yourself in relationships to others or seek romance or partnership as an escape from dealing with your own life situation or emotions.

Your love life may require healing and transformation at this time and secrets previously held beneath the surface may be exposed.

Areas where you sabotage yourself in relationships will also be brought to your awareness so these patterns can be addressed and corrected.

Your relationships may take on a more spiritual quality at this time and you may feel as if you were destined to be with someone in spite of problems in the relationship.

You may be tempted to have a secret affair or feel attracted to someone who is not romantically available. Stop to consider how much of the attraction is real and how much is fantasy projected onto the other person, or a byproduct of your desires without the reciprocal feelings from the other person.

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