Transiting Mars on natal houses: where is your competitive and physical energy directed to?

Mars.jpg Mars transiting in house 1

Your physical energy and stamina receive an added boost. You may need less sleep or have an increase of restless, anxious energy. Physical exercise will help keep you centered. This is a great time to start an exercise program or pursue changes to physical appearance.

You may also engage in more personally challenging work require greater physical demands, self discipline and focus.

Your personality becomes more passionate and you may be feeling more courageous than usual. Your bold, assertive side comes forward and urges you onward to accomplish your goals.

You are likely to be more assertive with others and have a clear sense of what you desire. You may also be more sexually active and radiate vital, seductive energy. Others may be attracted to you based on appearance, chemistry, or the strength you radiate. You may attract people who are looking for a leader. Be mindful of how much you take on to manage others’ issues as you have great determination to pursue your goals now as well.

Your sense of identity may become intertwined with challenges you have faced or are facing and you may be inclined toward independence, even pride in how much you have accomplished with little or no help from others. Be careful not to alienate yourself from others or convince yourself that you have or need no supports.

You may become bolder and more outwardly aligned with your goals. You are walking your talk and your desires and values will be obvious to those who meet you.

Mars transiting in house 2

You are clear about what you desire and become more focused in the pursuit of what you value most. You may seek financial advancement as a representation of greater personal status.

You may be tempted to act on impulse and pursue risky investments. Exercise caution with money at this time.

You may also be tempted to flaunt money or use financial standing as a way to overpower others.

Your assets including property, may require a significant overhaul to increase value. You may revamp your budget or remodel your home. If making adjustments to the home you will either lead a group effort or do most of the work yourself.

Be cautious of fire hazards in your home or on your property.

Any efforts to reclaim control of your finances will be beneficial especially if you resist impulsive financial decisions.

Mars transiting in house 3

You are restless and may engage with friends, neighbors, siblings and peers through debate or arguments. You are likely to be on the go and racing from one place to another. Be mindful of potential for accidents.

Your communication with others becomes more assertive and you may overstep into aggressive arguments. You are passionate about your beliefs and will become more direct and even militant at times trying to make your point to others.

You are more focused on your personal ambitions than social life though involvement with groups will likely include taking the role of leader.

The pen is mightier than the sword and you may channel your activist and advocacy interests through writing, speaking and teaching others.

You may also read books or take classes which inspire you to become more active either as an advocate, leader, or even physically active by challenging yourself to get into shape.

Mars transiting in house 4

You are more direct and assertive with family and take on the role of leader within the household. You may abruptly decide to make changes to your residence.

You may also feel compelled to set stronger boundaries with family members, be careful not to burn bridges.

You are motivated and focused on pursuing your dreams and may unintentionally end up imposing your will on family and others in your household.

You may prefer to stay at home rather than pursue social engagements, and chances are you are deeply involved in some form of work that will advance your status in the long term.

Wounds related to family and upbringing may resurface. In an attempt to avoid dealing with these issues you may become more compulsive about work, exercise or otherwise distract yourself by keeping busy.

Find ways to release stress and channel physical energy which can also help you bond with family, such as shared family games, sports, or outings.

Find healthy outlets for old resentments and anger triggered under this transit.

Mars transiting in house 5

This is a positive time for initiating sexual relationships and experimenting with sexuality. Others will find you seductive and attractive. Your relationships may not last long or may be based on physical attraction and escapism rather than commitment.

Your passion sparks interest in new hobbies or deeper pursuit of existing hobbies. You pour your energy into hobbies or interests that allow you to channel your creativity and could even advance your reputation in the long run.

You are prone to taking changes at this time and may experience injuries or accidents because you are pursuing pleasure on impulse. You may be drawn to extreme sports or challenging athletic activities.

You may be in touch with your inner child at this time and activities involving children will help you step back from any stressors and not take yourself too seriously. Remember how to play and have fun.

Games, sports and challenges with healthy competition can be great outlets for you at this time.

Mars transiting in house 6

You are more confident in the work you do and may have opportunities to advance within your career field. You are likely to exert your ideas as a leader at work during this time, whether or not you are actually given that title.

You may get into arguments frequently with those you encounter in your work or day to day routines, be careful not to become overly aggressive and side tracked by petty power struggles.

Your attention may be drawn to health issues which require you to slow down and pay more attention to your physical body. This can also be a time when you are accident prone.

Be mindful of work related accidents, especially those related to burns, or fast pace work environment.

You may become a leader in a service industry or seek opportunities to lead initiatives in healthcare or other fields in which public service is involved.

Mars transiting in house 7

Relationships and how power is handled in relationships will be in focus now. You are more confident and assertive but will need to find ways to harmonize your energy and needs with the needs of others.

You may unintentionally become more dominating over others rather than asserting your needs and then being receptive to others’ feedback.

This can be a stormy time for relationships but it can also be a time of greater passion and ambition to pursue shared goals.

Cooperation will be difficult under this transit but will also bring opportunities to strengthen relationships if you can see past the challenges, jealousies, possessiveness or power struggles.

You may make impulsive decisions to jump into or out of relationships or partnership. Try to slow down and consider the connections you are making or breaking at this time.

Your decisions may be driven by passion and desire rather than logic and emotional connection.

Mars transiting in house 8

You may have to assert your claim to money owed to you, or carelessness on someone else’s part may result in a settlement or financial award being granted to you.

You exhibit bold, sexual energy at this time and may be seduced into affairs or sexual experimentation that is outside of your normal routine.

You have delve deeper into interests in the occult, and may be inclined to actively seek out participation in occult studies or activities.

This is not a good time to cut corners when it comes to obligations such as taxes. Slow down and make sure you have all your information in order.

A fast pace and impulsivity may lead to significant problems and losses. You are going to face significant challenges, slow down and pay attention.

Issues you thought were buried may be resurrected because you must deal with them differently now.

You may have conflicts with others regarding shared finances or shared property. You will be tempted to assert your will and collaboration will be difficult. Avoid impulsive decisions regarding joint property or finances. This is also a risky time to enter into collaborative purchases.

Mars transiting in house 9

You may suddenly embark on a solitary adventure overseas, or a long distance trip in which you lead the way and others follow. You are inclined to seek truth independently now and may rely less on the opinions of others.

Decisions to advance your education will lead to eventual success and you will have the confidence and energy to pursue higher education now.

You may also become more militant about cultural or spiritual beliefs, acting as a reformer but with a strict sense of morality that you may begin to impose on others.

You may end up having to defend yourself or advocate for yourself or others in a legal situation.

Be mindful of conflicts with authority figures as you pursue your ambitions.

Projects you lead or initiate, especially those dealing with philosophy, philanthropy, law and spirituality, will have fortunate outcomes.

Mars transiting in house 10

You have greater confidence and focus to advance your career. Your ambitions are clear to you and others and you may be interacting on a public platform related to your career.

You may also seek status or leadership through political activism.

Your will is strong and you may ascend through the ranks by charting your own course, with minimal influence from others.

Be mindful of power struggles at work or conflicts with bosses or other authority.

you may also be susceptible to neglecting your personal life as you pour excess energy into status and career.

You may clash with bosses or supervisors because you have a set idea of how things should be, which others may not agree with. You may view things as ‘my way or the highway’ but consider what you may be sacrificing if you insist on this attitude.

You are also more publicly visible now, so be mindful of how you are working with power. Any abuses of power will be revealed and affect your career and public life. You will have the confidence you need to tackle challenges without cutting corners or bending the rules.

Mars transiting in house 11

Lessons at hand include balancing your ambitions with the needs of the collective. This is a great time to challenge yourself through involvement with group activities, community or professional organizations. You will have enough energy to try to take on the world, but will go farther if you allow others to collaborate with you.

Be mindful not to dominate others, you have the potential to gain from being receptive to others’ feedback and skills, though your determination and will are strong now.

You may have opportunities to emerge as a leader in group settings, especially in community organizations or groups intent on progressing a social agenda.

You may succeed in athletic pursuits that involve group activities such as group exercise, or team athletic activities.

Mars transiting in house 12

Your assertive, direct, ambitious inner warrior is revealed to you, possibly through crises or illness. You have to face consequences of past actions and this can bring challenging lessons.

Accidents or injuries may serve as a wake up call, especially regarding the need for boundaries, assertiveness, or anger management.

Your passion or intensity may be leading you to self sabotage, if this is the case, lessons arising now will help you to change this.

Conflicts with authority figures and issues of power struggles or dominating others in relationships are also signals of important lessons rising to the surface now.

Impulsiveness and escapism is not suggested at this time as the consequences could effect your health. Addictive behaviors could also lead to illness or accidents at this time.

Restrictions placed upon you will challenge your sense of willpower and control.

Maintaining self mastery while letting go of trying to micromanage situations will be the lesson at this time.

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