Transiting Mercury on natal Saturn: serious mindset and mental focus

transit-mercury-saturn.jpg Transiting Mercury on natal Saturn: serious mindset and mental focus

Transiting Mercury conjunct natal Saturn

Your mindset becomes more serious at this time. Buckle down and prepare to focus on creating the secure foundation for your long term plans.

You have the self discipline to review details and ensure no stone is unturned as you prepare paperwork, contracts, business plans or reports. A great time for study which requires serious focus.

Your objective critical thinking skills are amplified at this time. Business or career plans, applications, contracts and other written agreements will be carefully considered and can lead to positive gains in the long run.

You may have to deal with restrictions. Traffic or parking tickets are likely if you are not careful. Read any legal documentation carefully, make sure you understand guidelines and rules before you enter into any business deals.

Serious conversations and a mature mindset are also prominent at this time. You may have to have difficult conversations about the best path to proceed through challenging situations. Your tact, practicality and sensibility will help you get your point across.

Transiting Mercury sextile natal Saturn

Clarity of mind, objectivity and a more serious demeanor make this an ideal time to get organized and carry out tasks requiring attention to detail and practicality.

You aren’t swayed by emotions or personal biases and can be a wise and mature mentor to others at this time.

Catch up on budgets, paperwork, arranging financial or household affairs like insurance policies, wills, accounting or other tasks that may seem tedious or boring at other times.

Others appreciate your candid nature at this time and your ability to express yourself in a mature and objective way help to build a solid foundation in relationships.

You may be called on to assume a position of responsibility at work, in family or among friends and this obligation will likely feel natural to you rather than feeling like an inconvenience.

Transiting Mercury square natal Saturn

You may face restrictions and obstacles to executing your plans at this time. Your mind may be consumed by heavy burdens and you may have to strategize how you will endure a challenging time or plan for responsibilities you have taken on.

This is an ideal time for developing mature ideas and plans, but these gains are achieved through experiencing constraints and challenges.

You are likely to speak in more abrupt tones than intended, be mindful of the attitude you convey toward others. You may be better off relying on written communication which can be edited, revised and then submitted to others, at this time.

You have the focus and patience to endure difficulties and the need to revise your plans, however you may feel like mounting obstacles are taking you farther from your goals. This is a momentary detour in the long run.

Your goals may be realistic but the timing may be off. Prepare for detours or the need to revise and try again.

Transiting Mercury trine natal Saturn

This is an ideal time for serious conversations and articulating plans for long term goals. You are likely to be focused on setting the foundation for advancement but it will be a slow and tedious process.

Still, you can put your intellect and analysis skills to work to cover every angle and create a thorough strategy.

This is a favorable time for business deals and negotiations as you are likely to objectively and carefully consider your options and read the fine print.

You are likely to work on written projects which lack creativity but are full of technical details. You are in a good position to have serious discussions about complicated and challenging topics.

Planning for elder or end of life care, for example, or having honest conversations about your family’s financial future or your personal financial goal are all favorable at this time.

Transiting Mercury opposite natal Saturn

You may now have to deal with an important matter which you previously avoided or overlooked. This may come in the form of a legal issues such as a ticket or summons to court, or notice of money owed on an account you have neglected.

This can be a good time to focus on serious work though you are likely to fee burdened by the challenges you are now facing. Try not to focus on negative interpretations of your current situation.

You may have to have a difficult conversation about your limitations or the limitations to someone else’s plan. You may feel restricted from achieving your goals and it may seem like others are missing your meaning or misconstruing your words.

Replace any leanings toward negativity or snarkiness with maturity and objectivity.

Transiting Mercury quincunx natal Saturn

You are likely to feel out of sorts intellectually and mentally.

Your routines and attention to practical details including budget, finances and tedious tasks may suffer as a result of your mind being scattered at this time.

You may also be considering some new plans or ideas but have a hard time implementing them due to practical constraints or limitations. Whether you want to express yourself through writing but have difficulty structuring the time into your schedule, or want to initiate a new program but are struggling to get institutional backing, funding or clearance on a legal level, either way you will need to make adjustments to your approach.

Your mind can be flexible, but this is not the time to cut corners or try to employ creative interpretation of laws and regulations.

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