Transiting Mercury on natal Uranus: expressing cutting edge ideas challenging the status quo

transit-mercury-uranus.jpg Transiting Mercury on natal Uranus: expressing cutting edge ideas challenging the status quo

Transiting Mercury conjunct natal Uranus

You may have great epiphanies at this time, and feel inspired to create innovative solutions to problems. Your genius is showing at this time and you can express progressive, cutting edge ideas that challenge the status quo and help you overcome limitations.

You are thinking outside the box and may expand your knowledge of esoteric or unusual topics such as the occult, conspiracy theories, space exploration, or quantum physics.

Your thinking is independent and a little off beat at this time. You will not accept the status quo and are not impressed by authority or dogma handed down by professionals.

Instead you are trying to discover your own answers and breaking with tradition.

You may be inclined to speak in ways that shock others and you prefer to stand out in a crowd rather than going with the majority.

Transiting Mercury sextile natal Uranus

Your thoughts and words are likely to cause a stir among colleagues and friends. You are breaking from tradition though your free thinking is geared toward ideas and plans that will benefit others and society, rather than trying to stand out to satisfy your own ego desires.

You are likely to bring up and discuss unusual topics and push the envelope as far as you can. At this time others are likely to be intrigued by your intelligence and unusual perspective and may even find it enlightening or at least entertaining.

Your humanitarian nature is also in the forefront and you may speak out on behalf of an important cause or get involved in signing petitions or writing letters on behalf of oppressed people or to correct an injustice.

As much as you want your freedom, you are also drawn to crowds and group activities at this time.

Transiting Mercury square natal Uranus

You may perceive sudden change with anticipation and excitement and not mind that your presently unusual interests and ideas set you apart from others. The friction created in social situations as you speak your mind without regard for decorum or tradition only further excites you.

Shocking those around you may also add to the appeal of your impulsive streak at this time.

What you may not be taking into consideration is potential long term damage done to relationships or your reputation as you seek to break away from tradition and confinement in all its forms.

You may end up offending others or alienating yourself if you are not careful.

Communication, especially electronic communication, is likely to be taken the wrong way causing others to miss the point you are trying in such extreme terms to make.

You may also run the risk of accidents related to electronics, be careful to avoid shock or fire as a result.

Transiting Mercury trine natal Uranus

You are suddenly and unexpectedly set on a new course and plans may change abruptly. Exciting twists and turns are under way and you are mentally agile enough at this time to keep up with the changes.

You may develop a new interest or hobby that involves esoteric or unusual information related to sciences, spirituality or the intersection of the two. You may encounter new information which drastically changes your world view. As a result you will likely go on a quest to educate others through spoken and written word.

Your intuition is strong at this time and you may have awakenings that further your spirituality. You may also develop a deeper interest in electronics, technology, computers or space exploration.

Your interests may also lean toward the socially progressive and you may read material espousing radical and revolutionary viewpoints, which in turn influence your thinking.

Transiting Mercury opposite natal Uranus

Your mind is working overtime and overload. As a result you may start working on numerous plans and projects and leave many loose ends unresolved. Slow down and save some of the deeper and more serious issues for another time. Brainstorm and make lists of topics to come back to when you are more centered.

You may end up putting your foot in your mouth in conversations with others. Be careful of speaking impulsively.

Your desire to shock others or break rules and conventions may also come back to haunt you. Try to consider long term ramifications of your actions.

You may be reckless in your hurry to accomplish everything you are trying to do. Be careful during your commute and pay attention to where you are going and the conditions around you.

Transiting Mercury quincunx natal Uranus

New, unusual, unorthodox and possibly extreme beliefs or information has entered your awareness and you can’t quite wrap your head around it.

Your mindset has expanded yet it is causing discomfort on a deep level.You may have learned that your favorite company has engaged in unethical business practices and must now choose whether to continue doing business with them, or you may learn something that rocks your world on an even larger scale, causing you to reconsider your lifestyle and important beliefs.

Though you may want to make fast paced, reactive decisions, swearing off certain people or activities, or abruptly jumping on bandwagons, this is not advised. You would do much better to sit with the discomfort which has arisen and continue to employ a logical evaluation of information before coming to any conclusions.

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