Transiting Mercury on natal Neptune: the mind is attuned to matters of the spiritual realms

transit-mercury-neptune.jpg Transiting Mercury on natal Neptune: the mind is attuned to matters of the spiritual realms

Transiting Mercury conjunct natal Neptune

Your mind is attuned to matters of the spiritual realms and dream world. This is a great time to express your surreal spiritual and fantasy imaginings through fiction writing, poetry or other forms of storytelling.

You may also read or research topics related to psychic development, spirit communication and other mystical subjects.

Your intuition is strong and your mind is sharp so you are likely to easily process and accurately interpret extra sensory information.

You are also likely to express your empathy for others in clear ways, benefitting your relationships at this time as others perceive you as someone who understands their feelings on a deeper level than usual.

Transiting Mercury sextile natal Neptune

You may feel more dreamy, idealistic, and imaginative at this time. It is an ideal time to draw on your creative talents to express your mystical inner world.

You may also feel more comfortable retreating into your fantasies and daydreams and taking time to reflect and process things internally. You may be more introverted than usual but those close to you will benefit from your expression of compassion, empathy and warmth.

Your mind may wander frequently at this time and you may feel as if you are becoming lost in vague fantasies without a clear sense of direction.

Any shortcomings in astute logic are compensated for by a heightened sense of intuition and you seem to know who needs connection with you at this time. Your engagement with others brings deeper healing and understanding.

You may be contemplating the spiritual and mystical rather than the practical at this time.

Transiting Mercury square natal Neptune

You may feel confused about the path ahead and your choices may be obscured or influenced by wishful thinking rather than objective analysis at this time.

Boundaries are unclear now and this can lead to miscommunications and mishaps in relationships. Better to go the extra step to articulate your needs as clearly as possible, rather than leaving things to others’ assumptions.

You may embrace mystical, spiritual or unusual ideas though your ability to discern rational from irrational may be limited at this time. As a result you may believe every theory you hear or read without bothering to verify information or check for validity.

Likewise, you may confuse fuzzy logic with intuition and this can lead you on detours that take you further off course from reality and from your goals.

Transiting Mercury trine natal Neptune

You may feel deeply connected to others and communication may transcend verbal language and enter into telepathic connection and shared dreams.

You are better able to conceive of the interconnectedness of all things and can perceive larger patterns. Problem solving that addresses the symbolic, systemic, spiritual and archetypal are emphasized now, rather than relying on traditional logic and analysis alone.

You are able to understand multiple layers and complex issues more easily at this time.

Creative expression and use of your imagination to produce art, music, fiction writing and poetry are all favored at this time.

Transiting Mercury opposite natal Neptune

This is a better time for reflection and processing than for important decisions. It will be harder for you to think concretely at this time.

You may also feel drawn to the mystical, spiritual and abstract but struggle to articulate these concepts in realistic terms. Vague communication or avoidance of serious issues can cause difficulties in relationships. You are prone to miscommunication and confusion of boundaries at this time.

You may also be perceiving others through a lens of fantasy and idealism and may be disappointed and disillusioned when logic kicks in and you must face reality once again.

Avoid patterns of thinking that favor escapism. Don’t get lost in a fantasy version of events, rather see things as they are presented to you. Avoid using religion and spirituality as a crutch at this time.

Transiting Mercury quincunx natal Neptune

Your experiences at this time could lead you to have a spiritual breakthrough or write a fantasy novel, but instead you are likely to spend time and energy vacillating between indulging in reflection on your inner, emotional, psychological and spiritual worlds, and trying to adapt these aspects of your life to your intellectual, analytical side.

It may be difficult for you to digest information that challenges your comfort zone or requires you to act in assertive, direct, proactive ways. Instead you may struggle with complacency or even escapism.

You may also be using fantasy, reflection or even spirituality to hide from things which need to be addressed using logic.

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