Transiting Mercury on natal Pluto: focused and intense mind

transit-mercury-pluto.jpg Transiting Mercury on natal Pluto: focused and intense mind

Transiting Mercury conjunct natal Pluto

During this time your mind becomes focused and intense. You become like a detective, digging deep beneath the surface to get to the root cause of the situation. Your thoughts and communication have a serious, penetrating quality.

You may be more inclined to delve deep into morbid or complex issues at this time. You may become fascinated by psychology or the inner workings of people, systems, or cultures.

You may also become more interested in forensics and criminal thinking. Obsessive thoughts or addictive patterns based on anxiety are possible at this time.

Some core beliefs could change drastically at this time due to new information unearthed. You may intentionally or unintentionally reveal the secrets of others.

You derive great power from your keen sense of perception and critical thinking. You may be tempted to wield this power over others for personal gain or manipulation in relationships at this time.

Transiting Mercury sextile natal Pluto

Your skills in debate and communication become more powerful and provocative at this time. You are tackling deeper subjects in conversations with others and exert a level of authority that is persuasive.

Others are compelled to listen and take note and you command an air of authority effortlessly. Be mindful of how you use this power as you may be tempted to manipulate others.

You have x-ray like vision through others’ defenses and can see into their core motivations and insecurities at this time. Use this powerful knowledge to uplift others rather than for personal advantage.

Transiting Mercury square natal Pluto

You may become intensely or even obsessively interested in topics of a mysterious or macabre nature.

From deviant psychology to forensics or conspiracy theories. Your thought process is deep and probing at this time and you have a singular focus as you seek out the truth.

You may be compelled to adjust your beliefs about things previously held as universal truths. You may feel challenged by relationships which reveal a hidden side. You may also have a conflict of conscience due to a revelation about the dark side of humanity or society.

Your communication may be more intense than usual and you may pursue your agenda to the detriment of others, unintentionally overstepping boundaries or dominating conversations if you aren’t careful.

Be mindful not to intimidate others or force your views on other people.

Transiting Mercury trine natal Pluto

Communication is empowered at this time and you carry a natural air of decisiveness. You easily command others’ attention with your written and spoken words. Your mind and willpower work together like a magnet, helping you to manifest what you deeply desire.

Your ability to perceive what is beneath the surface is heightened and you can get to the point easily in conversations and while solving problems.

Your connection to others takes on a powerful, Karmic undertone at this time.

You may become intensely or obsessively immersed in new topics of interest, binge reading, absorbing new information as you pursue expertise in new areas. This is also an ideal time for unearthing new or esoteric information that can be life changing and thought provoking.

If you are in the midst of a writing project or have a presentation planned, you will have the ability to create a powerful impact due to the information you impart to others.

You are also easily able to influence others to help you at this time because you can speak directly to their core motivation.

Transiting Mercury opposite natal Pluto

This is an excellent time to delve deeper into self understanding by revealing what lies beneath the surface layers of your own mind and defenses.

If careless or selfishly motivated at this time, you may use words as weapons in debate, dueling verbally until you have destroyed your opponent.

Consider the consequences of the likely verbal battles, and be careful of burning bridges for the sake of having the last word.

You may also be tempted to employ your perceptive powers and deep connection to others to further your own agenda. Be careful of manipulative tendencies at this time.

Attempts to manipulate the thinking of other, either through verbal or mental intimidation, power games, or the use of propaganda or distorted business marketing are likely to backfire in the long run.

Find more productive uses for your currently powerful mind and persuasive abilities.

Transiting Mercury quincunx natal Pluto

Your mindset may be more serious, even morbid at this time.

You may become obsessive as well, feeling a surge of anxiety as you approach issues requiring change without fully being given the means to initiate needed transformation just yet.

If underlying issues involving power and core fears could rise into your consciousness, this would be a good time to explore your beliefs and initiate healing of toxic attitudes and negative thoughts. Instead however, you are likely to have a strong urge to cleanse or heal from something but not be able to fully identify what that something is.

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