Transiting Mercury on natal Midheaven: communication skills and intellect focused on career

transit-mercury-midheaven.jpg Transiting Mercury on natal Midheaven: communication skills and intellect focused on career

Transiting Mercury conjunct natal Midheaven

Your communication skills and intellect will be in focus at this time and likely result in advancement in your career.

You are likely to receive a message or correspondence which proves beneficial to your status and professional reputation in some way. This may be an endorsement, reference, or a credential of some kind.

You may have opportunities to pursue technical training or learn a new language and this will help you advance professionally.

You easily communicate your ideas to others and this is a great time to seek a promotion or negotiate a business deal because your communication skills are enhanced and your goals are clear.

You may have an opportunity to publish written work, give a presentation or make persuasive arguments to build a case for professional advancement.

Transiting Mercury sextile natal Midheaven

You are supported in your career goals by friends and colleagues. This is a great time to showcase your skills in the community or within your professional network.

Your reach may broaden at this time as your social network expands and others come to appreciate your intellectual and communication skills.

You may thrive in work which involves writing, speaking, languages and IT. The connections you make at this time will help boost your status and career in the long run.

Transiting Mercury square natal Midheaven

A careless comment or rushed decision may have consequences in your professional life or adversely impact your public image at this time.

Don’t let your quick mind lead to impulsive speech that may be regretted later.

The path you thought you were on in career and work may shift, leading you to have to reconsider your options. Likewise, you may have difficulties focusing on a clear path ahead and waiver between numerous options, unable to decide at this time what exactly you want to do.

Advancement may stagnate while you make up your mind, research options in greater detail, and get clear with yourself what your true priorities are.

Transiting Mercury trine natal Midheaven

Your mind is clear and quick to size up situations, determining the best path to take in order to succeed. You may have opportunities to converse with authority figures and network with powerful and influential people.

Communications, correspondences and conversations will help you establish your expertise and likely lead to promotion in work and career.

You may have the opportunity to brush up on skills that will advance your career and reputation and this is a good time to take tests.

Your social network is a source of mental stimulation at this time and you find are likely to find a mentor who helps you fine tune your skills.

This is an ideal time to establish plans for career growth for the long term. Whether you are seeking new work or trying to advance in a current field, this is a great time for advocating for yourself and negotiating deals which concern your career.

Transiting Mercury opposite natal Midheaven

You crave intellectual connections with others but prefer light banter and a meeting of the minds with those you are closest to such as family and intimate friends.

Your mind is focused on improving the home environment and you may plan for future changes to your home or family.

At this time you may also prefer cuddling up on the couch with a good book, or ten.

Conversations and plans center on the personal moreso than the professional at this time. You may fear rejection of your ideas and keep your plans concealed from all but a select few.

You may feel more anxious than usual due to too much mental stimulation and excess mental energy at this time.

Transiting Mercury quincunx natal Midheaven

Attempts to change or advance your career are likely to be met with frustrating detours.

You will need to be patient at a time when it will likely be difficult for you to be patient.

You may need to revise a draft of a proposal or writing project several times until the entire theme or subject matter is different. You may start out with a plan for your career or a project for work, only to end up having to completely change your objectives or pursue a different path which you weren’t keen on doing.

Try to keep an open mind as adjustments and revisions are called for. This is not the best time to try to make concrete, long term decisions regarding business and career as your options are still changing.

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