Transiting Venus on natal Sun: enhanced charm and creativity


transit-venus-sun.jpg Transiting Venus on natal Sun: enhanced charm and creativity

Transiting Venus conjunct natal Sun

Your charm and creativity are enhanced and you exude optimism and attraction energy. Your cheerful disposition and desire to create harmony and beauty are amplified.

You currently are tuned in to your value as an individual. You know your worth and are confident in things working out for the best on your path. At the same time you are conscious of the needs and feelings of others and can create harmony in homelife and relationships at work and in romance.

Romantic relationships in particular are illuminated. You are likely to attract a new love interest or advance a current partnership. Enthusiasm and shared optimism are strong now and you desire comfort and expression of your creative talents.

You radiate warmth and compassion and others are drawn to your optimism and friendly, generous nature. This is a great time for creative projects, the arts, and social gatherings.

Beautifying the home and workspace or adding aesthetic touches to your life are also favored.

Transiting Venus sextile natal Sun

An ideal time for social gatherings, parties and networking events. Lighthearted, cheerful conversation advances relationships. Optimism abounds and this is not the time when heavy issues are likely to be addressed.

You are focused on what unites others, and you tend to uplift those around you.

You exude charisma and charm and your finances and resources are likely to be given a boost at this time.

Your network expands and you cultivate harmonious relationships with others at this time.

Transiting Venus square natal Sun

You may be complacent now due to overdosing on optimism. Your dreams may be reachable but you aren’t as motivated to put forth the effort right now.

You may become distracted by indulgence in luxuries. Your finances may suffer as a result of a splurge, or you may become overconfident in yourself and miss key opportunities.

Step back, adjust your expectations and keep your momentum. Now is not the time to become idle.

Transiting Venus trine natal Sun

You enjoy positive relationships with others and want to spend time with those you love. Affection, love and harmony pervade your relationships and personal life. Expressing your creative side is also favored.

Any work in careers involving beauty, divine feminine, healing relationships, or romance are given a boost. You may also have positive opportunities in your work as a result of your charm and the influence of your network.

Your ability to mediate conflict by finding common ground and creating harmony is also emphasized now.

You easily attract the attention of others. New relationships may emerge and this may be a time when you start a new romance or advance an existing relationship.

Transiting Venus opposite natal Sun

You may jeopardize a relationship by trying to force things into alignment when this is not occurring naturally. You may also become out of sync with those around you, pursuing your personal needs and failing to consider the needs of others.

You may become apathetic or indecisive, missing out on opportunities because of a lack of initiative at this time.

Be mindful of creative blocks, inertia or complacency. Conflicts with significant others may require attention to sort out, however you may instead be inclined to become passive or hide from the real issue at hand.

Transiting Venus quincunx natal Sun

Your desire to be in a loving relationship may conflict with other personal goals at this time. You may have to make adjustments to be receptive to the love others are trying to show you.

You may also need to slow down and take the time to notice subtle cues, romantic or otherwise, that you are being given. Too much enthusiasm causes you to jump ahead of yourself in relationships and you may be assuming that others want the same things you want, which is not likely the case at this time.

You may also feel frustrations when it comes to expressing yourself. Your creative side may be lagging at this time or you may feel the urge to paint, write, draw or perform but not have the opportunities.

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