Transiting Venus on natal Moon: desire for emotional security in relationships

transit-venus-moon.jpg Transiting Venus on natal Moon: desire for emotional security in relationships

Transiting Venus conjunct natal Moon

Your desire for emotional and physical security is in tune with your desire to create beauty and harmony in your relationships. You may become more of a homebody and dedicate attention to family relationships and domestic matters.

You may be more affectionate with others than usual.

You are in tune with your loved ones and your intuition helps you connect on a deeper level with those in your personal and romantic life.

You work to create an atmosphere that is emotionally soothing. This is a Netflix-and-chill transit, made better by the ability to snuggle up with loved ones or fur babies.

Your feelings are calmer at this time because there is a soft, pleasant undertone in your connections to other people and your conflicts right now are minimal. Your attitude is flexible enough to roll with the tides.

Transiting Venus sextile natal Moon

You feel supported and comforted by those close to you and can let your guard down in relationships.

Your romantic, vulnerable side emerges and you desire an intimate date or an evening in the company of a few close friends or family members.

Love and romance are on your mind and you can connect on a deeper and more intuitive level with a potential or current romantic interest.

You easily appeal to other people and your attraction power and charm are enhanced. This is an ideal time to resolve issues in relationships.

Transiting Venus square natal Moon

Conflicts emerge in close or romantic relationships. Your insecurities or jealousies may be partially responsible for communication errors and hurt feelings.

Try not to jump to conclusions. Your mind may be playing tricks on you and what you at first believe is your intuition may be a misdirected projection of your own subconscious fears.

You may act in ways that do not align with your feelings, especially in romantic relationships. Mixed messages can lead to arguments or relationship tension.

This can be avoided by taking the time to step back and get clear about your underlying feelings, what is really triggering you and what, if anything, is truly a personal attack.

Try to communicate clearly, even if you articulate your own confusing feelings, so that others know how to help you.

You may try to repress your emotions by overspending or overeating or indulging in other forms of instant gratification or pleasure seeking.

Transiting Venus trine natal Moon

Your attraction power and intuitive connection to others are enhanced.

On instinct, you are likely to take steps to improve your finances which pay off better than expected.

You appeal to others on a heart to heart basis because of your compassion and you create a harmonious atmosphere for those you love.

Any ongoing issues with family or loved ones are likely to be resolved at this time. It is easier for you to create beauty and comfort for yourself and others.

What you value, be it money, assets, property or special people, will likely be in the spotlight.

You may increase the value of your home or add beauty or comfort to your home because of an indulgence you now choose to invest in.

Transiting Venus opposite natal Moon

Your emotions may be more erratic than usual and it is difficult to gel with others at this time. You may express yourself in quirkier ways than usual, causing alienation from those close to you.

A faux pas or blunder as a result of insecurities or frazzled emotions can cause a rift in a relationship with someone close to you.

You may also feel compelled to use your attraction power or vulnerability to manipulate the emotions of someone you love. This will not work as you expected and may cause more damage to the relationship.

Avoid indulgence in pleasure seeking or instant gratification to soothe or avoid intense emotions.

Transiting Venus quincunx natal Moon

Your sense of empathy and compassion for others is a cause of some distress at this time.

You may not be using boundaries effectively or may be taking on too much in an effort to nurture others. Your attempts to show love may come across as smothering or manipulative in spite of your best efforts.

You are either trying too hard or putting your energy in the wrong direction. Ride out the emotional tides in relationships at this time and don’t jump to conclusions based on impulse.

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