Transiting Venus on natal Mercury: thoughts and communication about love, harmony and beauty

transit-venus-mercury.jpg Transiting Venus on natal Mercury: thoughts and communication about love, harmony and beauty

Transiting Venus conjunct natal Mercury

Your thoughts and communication with others centers around creating love, harmony and beauty.

This is a good time to find creative ways to articulate your desires, values and feelings, as communication flows naturally.

You may have engaging and intimate conversations with friends and loved ones, which bring harmony and healing to relationships.

You will likely be drawn to social gatherings where you can mingle and share ideas with numerous people. You learn from others now and in addition to sharing love and pleasure of the company of friends, you are also being mentally stimulated by those around you.

Your communication and self expression may be more cultured and artistic at this time. Poetry and creative writing of all kinds are favored.

Transiting Venus sextile natal Mercury

You desire engagement with social circles and group activities. As a result of social gatherings, your mind is stimulated and you may be more chatty with loved ones than usual.

You are able to express your feelings of love and attraction for others easily. New relationships begin as a meeting of the minds, you are mentally stimulated before the physical or emotional attraction grows.

Your friendly and diplomatic nature dominate at this time.

Communication that results in peacemaking and collaboration is likely.

Transiting Venus square natal Mercury

Your may be distracted and mentally foggy as a result of relationship stress.

Avoid heavy commitments at this time, you are still formulating your ideas and plans and may be side tracked from your goals by the desire to keep the peace.

You may stumble over your words or something you say may cause friction in relationships. You may express yourself in awkward ways. An adjustment in communication and understanding can help to shift your thinking and realign you with those close to you.

Disruptions may be uncomfortable or cause embarrassment but will not likely be relationship deal breakers.

Transiting Venus trine natal Mercury

You may desire a trip to a concert, museum or gallery or a place where you can soak up new information in an aesthetic setting.

Your attraction energy is high and you feel supported in social situations. You easily network with others and communication is balanced with empathy, resulting in warm exchanges with others.

You are likely to express yourself in more creative, romantic or poetic tones. This is a great time to work on artistic expression, especially writing, speaking and singing.

Love letters or thank you notes, or even messages of appreciation will go a long way.

Transiting Venus opposite natal Mercury

You are more outgoing and social and crave interactions with others, yet you may feel less secure about your social or romantic standing.

Communication is off and you feel like you are spinning your wheels trying to get your point across. You may also feel detached from those close to you, as if you are lost in your head trying to overanalyze the relationship and this only leads to further doubts and insecurities.

Adjust your expectations and don’t rely on assumptions to fill in the blanks. Communicate openly even if doing so creates vulnerability.

Don’t just go with the flow when your mind is not aligned with your heart. Take time to get clear about what you want.

Don’t be afraid to communicate your needs to others, but expect that it will take a few exchanges back and forth to settle matters and make sure the point gets across.

Transiting Venus quincunx natal Mercury

Your attempts to dazzle another with romantic words and expressions of love is somehow misread or needs further explanation or planning.

Double check amorous texts or emails before sending as you run the risk of embarrassing mishaps when trying to communicate with those you love. You may also feel swept away by an idea of who you want someone to be rather than seeing who they really are.

Communication coming from others may not be getting across to you. This could be due to technical errors, misinterpreted words, or simply because another is saying what you don’t want to hear.

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