Transiting Venus on natal Venus: time for blossoming or initiating love

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transit-venus-venus.jpg Transiting Venus on natal Venus: time for blossoming or initiating love

Transiting Venus conjunct natal Venus

This is a perfect time for blossoming or initiating love and of course this begins with self love.

Spend sharing love and affection with those closest to you. If you are not in a close romantic relationship, treat yourself in loving ways.

You are laying the foundation for future relationship through improvements in your ability to love and nurture yourself. Pamper yourself and invest in things which will enhance your standard of living.

Financial issues can resolve favorably. You may receive a financial gift, bonus or opportunity to increase your earnings.

Tap into your creative side to cultivate an atmosphere of warmth, romance, and beauty. Invest in your artistic talents. Redecorate your living or working space. Show appreciation or affection for those you love.

A budding romance can accelerate based on the bonds nurtured under this transit.

Transiting Venus sextile natal Venus

Your inner charm is radiant and you have positive, harmonious interactions with others.

This is favorable for social gatherings, networking or spending time with loved ones. Cooperation and collaborative projects, especially artistic or other creative group projects, are likely to go smoothly.

Your social life is flourishing now. Take advantage of the positive energy and invest in things and people you value. Spend time with friends catching up or nurture a romantic relationship.

Your career may take a favorable turn with help from people in your network.

Transiting Venus square natal Venus

You will have to face underlying insecurities, jealousy, possessiveness or manipulation that has been going on beneath the surface in a close relationship.

What you think you desire may not really be your heart’s desire and discrepancies will be brought to the surface.

Disharmony brewing in a relationship may be subtle, the connection still strong, but you will be made aware of imbalances in exchange of energy, time, money or a combination of these in your relationships.

Work to restore balance and harmony. Don’t overcompensate for others in relationships. Be mindful also of ways you may be manipulating others’ feelings for emotional or financial gains and make adjustments.

This is a good time to re-evaluate your financial plans. Notice where you are mismanaging money or indulging on expenses which you can’t sustain long term.

Transiting Venus trine natal Venus

You may see the world through rose colored glasses and your emotions and affection for those around you are overflowing.

Shower those around you with love and appreciation and take advantage of the harmonious energy you feel in relationships to become closer to others.

You will have fortunate opportunities to enhance your financial standing or to create abundance. You may be offered a raise or commission for a creative project. Your job or business may start to blossom and you are attracting what you need with ease.

New relationships flourish at this time and this is also a fortunate time to initiate a new romantic relationship as others are receptive to your attraction energy.

Transiting Venus opposite natal Venus

You are at a standoff with someone close to you or with others you love in general. Your values may clash with others. Differences in opinion of how money should be managed may come to a head, causing friction in a romantic relationship.

You may discover a romantic interest does not share your feelings, or you may feel unappreciated by someone who does love you because they do not express their feelings in the same way you do.

This is a time to step back and adjust your expectations of others.

You may be more demanding on loved ones. You may also take it as a personal insult if others do not respond to your gestures of affection and romance the way you wanted them to.

This transit shows you how you love differently from those around you, and how you may value different things, but still be able to find balance and compromise through open communication.

Transiting Venus quincunx natal Venus

You may be looking to fill a void in your personal life due to troubles in a relationship or loneliness, and as a result may seek pleasure, attention and validation in fleeting scenarios.

Temptations to embark on an affair, one night stand, or to seek attention from unavailable people is prevalent but will not help you achieve your goal. Likewise, burying your loneliness in material indulgences, hoarding or excess drinking, food, or shopping will also further distract you from the issues that need your attention at this time.

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