Transiting Venus on natal Mars: confidence in your relationships

transit-venus-mars.jpg Transiting Venus on natal Mars: confidence in your relationships

Transiting Venus conjunct natal Mars

This time blends the dynamic forces of proactivity and creativity with your softer, subtle romantic side.

You are likely to feel like a creative powerhouse and may initiate new artistic or creative projects or launch a new direction in business which will be fruitful in the long term.

You are more confident in your relationships and can speak your mind without dominating others. You may be feeling a stronger than usual sex drive. This is a good time to initiate or advance romantic or intimate relationships.

Relationships initiated at this time are marked by passion and sexual energy.

Transiting Venus sextile natal Mars

You are able to balance assertiveness and receptivity and this is a great time to deepen the connection in your existing relationships, including advancing romantic interests or exploring the sexual nature of a relationship.

This is also a good time to explore furthering your career through those in your network who may be able to support and guide you. Your associates and friendships will help you achieve goals you are motivated for.

Your focus and drive will help you stay on track. You enjoy a harmonious time savoring the relationships around you, enjoying pleasure in life while feeling energized to advance your ambitions.

Your creativity is heightened and you are drawn to the arts and music.

Transiting Venus square natal Mars

You experience tension in relationships though this is likely to add passion and sexual interest rather than becoming an all out conflict.

Still, this is a good time to deal with individual differences honestly rather than polarizing the relationship or hiding your true feelings.

Work with the tension to your advantage. Step back and consider others’ points of view. Assert yourself without automatically giving in, but allow the exchange to help bring you to a point of compromise.

Sexual desire may be strong. Expectations may need to be modified as someone you are attracted to may not share your desire, or miscommunications can lead to jealousy or unnecessary stress in a relationship.

Transiting Venus trine natal Mars

Your finances may receive a boost. This is a good time to initiate a new business project or pursue a new job which elevates your status or involves leadership.

You are in touch with your creative, expressive side and can use your artistic talents to get a message across to others and create unity and harmony rather than dominating others or becoming preachy.

You may feel intense sexual desire in a relationship. Relationships initiated now will have a passionate foundation. You may also strengthen the sexual connection and intimacy in a romantic relationship at this time.

Transiting Venus opposite natal Mars

Your desire and motivation are at odds with each other. You may long to achieve specific goals but feel overwhelmed by the amount of work involved.

Likewise you may be spinning your wheels trying to accomplish something that your heart is not connected to.

Step back and realign your heart and will.

You may become insecure about a relationship and experience jealousy or passive aggressive responses to perceived abandonment or insult.

Your attempts to be assertive may come across more aggressively than intended.

Proceed with caution knowing that your energy may have more of an edge than usual. Strive for balance and harmony.

Transiting Venus quincunx natal Mars

Your relationships have an uneasy tension which isn’t enough to compel you to make changes or provide exciting sexual tension, but is just noticeable beneath the surface.

It is enough to make you question your role in relationships or even to want to go to manipulative ends to trigger another’s jealousy.

Avoid manipulating others to try to validate your importance to them. You may need to assert yourself in matters that you are otherwise avoiding. You may also need to be more persuasive but struggle to find the balance between assertiveness and passivity.

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