Transiting Venus on natal Uranus: unexpected changes in relationships

transit-venus-uranus.jpg Transiting Venus on natal Uranus: unexpected changes in relationships

Transiting Venus conjunct natal Uranus

Your love life and relationships undergo shocking and unexpected change. Things are about to get rocky but ultimately will fall into place in a way that promotes your growth.

Some relationships will survive this tumultuous time, and those will likely thrive and grow. Others will end or significantly be changed.

Underlying tensions and self defeating patterns will be revealed and your boundaries and values when it comes to personal life, love and money will be affected by this reorganization of priorities.

Regardless of relationship status, you need freedom to explore at this time.

A new relationship may emerge from out of the blue and may involve some quirky or unusual elements. Your situation may take a sudden turn.

You may finally end a relationship which you had long since emotionally divested from.

Finances could experience a sudden surge or tumble and the situation can’t truly be understood until the dust has settled, because it will be a roller coaster ride of gains and losses for now.

Transiting Venus sextile natal Uranus

Someone you love may inspire your creativity, resulting in writing poems, songs, or creating art about your unusual otherworldy connection with this person.

Sudden connections or reconnections with people from the past or new people will send your focus in a totally different direction than expected. You may be tempted to pursue an unorthodox relationship or become involved in an affair.

Your tastes in relationships and art may also become unorthodox and experimental. Commitment is not on your mind right now, although you may feel erratic twists and turns of an electrifying attraction.

You may explore new investment strategies which focus on social responsibility or funding nonprofit groups.

You may also become involved in group organizations which serve the greater society in some way.

Transiting Venus square natal Uranus

Your values may clash with those around you who don’t share your views. This can cause rifts in group involvement or relationships which will be difficult to repair at this time because the energy surrounding these conflicts is intense.

You may also struggle to assert your individuality and needs for space and freedom while maintaining close relationships.

Your creative energy is heightened and you may go through mania like phases of producing art, music or writing.

You may have more love for the idea of people or groups of people but clash with individuals at this time, opting instead for involvement with broader groups rather than dealing with individual relationships at this time.

Finances may be rocky right now, avoid impulse buys or investments that are trendy but insecure.

Transiting Venus trine natal Uranus

Your social circle expands to include new people, especially those who are exotic or unusual in some way. You are interested in anything new and exciting and may develop an attraction to a new romantic interest who is very different culturally, spiritually or demographically from you.

In particular, your empathy toward those who have been socially outcast is strong and you may become involved in advocacy groups, though your contributions are harmonious and optimistic rather than vigilant or aggressive.

Invest in technology or the arts and explore interests in these areas as well. Financial windfalls are possible at this time.

Transiting Venus opposite natal Uranus

You face abrupt stops and starts in a relationship and feel suddenly detached from others. You or a significant other may be struggling to assert individuality and freedom within the relationship.

Be mindful of tension brewing beneath the surface as you are likely to spontaneously react to mounting tension by cutting off relationships altogether and going off in search of new connections.

Your creative juices are flowing and you may feel energized to pursue new creative outlets but adjustments may need to be made first for you to be able to express yourself fully.

Your diplomacy may be challenged by the urge to blurt things out impulsively, and this can have a negative effect on relationships.

Your income may unexpectedly increase, or an unexpected expense- such as the need to repair or replace an electrical appliance- can put a damper on your finances.

Transiting Venus quincunx natal Uranus

Areas of your life where you prefer to be uninhibited, independent and on the edge of the crowd, are suddenly infiltrated by connections to others.

You may not want to be bogged down with emotions or smothered with affection, but it will be hard to avoid.

A relationship that requires deeper attention and connection may also be the source of frustration, causing you to want to suddenly break away and head out on your own.

You are in love with the idea of people, but at this time may be frustrated by specific individuals in your life. Balancing your desire to show compassion toward humanity and communities at large, and your obligations to relationships on a one on one level will be part of the lessons learned through challenging adjustments at this time.

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