Transiting Venus on natal Neptune: spiritual connection to significant others

transit-venus-neptune.jpg Transiting Venus on natal Neptune: spiritual connection to significant others

Transiting Venus conjunct natal Neptune

Your relationships take on a dreamy surreal quality. You may feel spiritually connected to significant others.

This is a time for subtle shifts in awareness and awakenings which bring you closer to others. Not an ideal time to rush things or push for clearly defined boundaries. Things are ambiguous and it works for now to go with the flow rather than pressure others for commitment or definition.

You may become immersed in others’ views, beliefs and inner worlds and may feel like you are softening some of your edges as you blend your life with the lives of those you love.

Creativity and imagination are powerful and you may get carried away by illusions regarding finances and relationships.

Transiting Venus sextile natal Neptune

Your intuition is working in strong yet subtle ways to guide you in both relationships and finances. You are likely to have fortunate opportunities to further your income through creative or expressive arts.

Likewise your attunement to the inner worlds of others helps you navigate relationships and forge closer connections with loved ones.

This is a favorable time for relationships or all kinds but especially for romance. New relationships can feel like a dream come true. You may feel like you are completely aligned with those you love.

Transiting Venus square natal Neptune

Ambivalence about what you desire causes mixed signals in relationships. The boundaries may be blurry or nonexistent at this time and this could lead to confusion about your intentions and the intentions of your partner.

You may idealize someone only to later find out they are not the person you imagined them to be.

You may be projecting your own needs onto others or looking to relationships to escape from unpleasant situations or life stress.

Your desire to be happy may clash with the need to handle issues in relationships, escapism will not improve things.

Your finances may be murky right now as prospects for new income are up in the air.

You may be unsure of exactly where you stand with work or finances and may be compelled to make investments or purchases that end up not being as high value or profitable as you imagined.

Transiting Venus trine natal Neptune

This is an ideal time for relationships, especially romantic relationships. You are likely to feel swept off your feet by a love interest.

Romantic relationships may have a fairy tale quality as if you were meant to be with the one you love on a soul level.

You may also feel spiritually and intuitively in tune with those around you. Relationship issues from the past may resurface in a more harmonious way to be dealt with and transcended, you can find emotional healing at this time.

You may want to lose yourself in a relationship and will enjoy the excitement of your deepened connection to others, but be mindful of establishing some clear boundaries for the long term.

Money and love flow easily into your life at this time. You may attract opportunities to advance your financial standing, especially through creative work and through the arts.

Transiting Venus opposite natal Neptune

You have become lost in an ambiguous world of emotional connection to those you love and now is the time for a reality check. This may feel like a rude awakening as your image of others is revealed to be steeped in illusions.

Take stock of the underlying issues in relationships and financial situations. Don’t hide from uncomfortable truths that challenge what you want to see.

See things as they are. Addictive patterns including codependency are possible at this time and can lead to consequences in the long run.

You will have the opportunity to work through discrepancies between your ideals and reality if you are willing to face facts. You still have harmonious, caring energy in your relationships, trust in the process as you work through challenges with others.

Transiting Venus quincunx natal Neptune

You are inclined to feel dreamy, romantic connections to people who aren’t quite aligning with your path.

Either a love interest who is not available, or a relationship based more on illusion and escape than on a genuine foundation, are likely to feature in your life at this time.

You may have a hard time dealing with objective reality rather than losing yourself in daydreams.

Let your intuition guide you but pay attention to the subtle cues which are likely to be mistaken for your own ideas of what a relationship should be or who you want others to be so they can fill your needs.

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