Transiting Mars on natal Venus: enhanced attraction, desire and sexuality

transit-mars-venus.jpg Transiting Mars on natal Venus: enhanced attraction, desire and sexuality

Transiting Mars conjunct natal Venus

Attraction, desire and sexuality are all enhanced by this transit.

Your passions are stimulated and you pursue the focus of your desires, whether this is a relationship, a business or a personal goal.

Masculine and feminine aspects of yourself are held in balance by the polarity of these two energies so you will have enough ambition and drive to pursue your goals without being led to selfish or egocentric extremes.

You may become more confident in your beauty, value and creative talents. This can be a good time to pursue a promotion or business endeavor as a result.

You may struggle with instant gratification as all urges and desires from sexual to other appetites, will be strong.

Transiting Mars sextile natal Venus

You are likely to meet someone who awakens your sexual desires. Relationships that begin under this transit are likely to be based more on physical attraction and sexual chemistry than on deep emotional connection.

Affairs may be intense but short lived.

You are also likely to delve into your creative and adventurous side and challenge yourself to make changes that enhance your appearance or add value to your home.

Your social life may be given more focus and your energy perceived as intense but also charming.

Transiting Mars square natal Venus

You feel motivated by otherwise challenging circumstances. Rather than stirring your anger, those who push your buttons also instigate passion which you are more easily able to transmute into fun, playful debate or even sexual tension. This prevents you from getting too bogged down by conflict and ego struggle.

You may find feisty exchanges with others to be a challenge and make sport out of debate, sexual passion out of relationship drama.

You may also be embroiled in an intense argument one minute and laughing and joking with your ‘adversary’ the next minute.

In relationships, you will have to set boundaries and declare your individual needs without sacrificing the relationship. This may manifest as disagreements over personal space, time management, money, attention and ultimately will serve to help you discern what you absolutely need for yourself, and what you need to consider sharing.

Transiting Mars trine natal Venus

Your creativity is given an energetic boost and you may become engrossed in expressive or artistic activities which require physical exertion or are in other ways challenging or demanding. You have focus and energy to spare and can accomplish a lot.

Your desire to create beauty may also prompt you to make changes which will affect your physical appearance, living space or workspace.

You have the best of both worlds, balancing masculine and feminine energy. Focusing on your ego desires while not overlooking the need for harmony and balance in relationships.

You are likely to approach relationships in a more assertive way while not losing sight of the need to compromise. Sexuality may also become more prominent in your relationships at this time.

Others are drawn to your robust energy and the beauty, charm and sexuality you radiate.

Transiting Mars opposite natal Venus

You may become consumed by your own needs and desires for instant gratification, overlooking the needs of others. You are less attuned to others’ emotional needs and may become aggressive or domineering in relationships without realizing it.

You may confuse silence for approval without realizing that others around you have become passive simply because they are not willing to go into combat with you.

Be mindful of potential damage to relationships due to not picking up on subtle or even assertive communication that challenges your focused ambition.

You may be tempted to use your power, charisma or sexuality to manipulate others. You may also get lost in pursuit of pleasure seeking and lose focus on other important areas of life.

Transiting Mars quincunx natal Venus

You may place more demands on others and approach relationships with a more obsessive mindset than usual.

You may feel driven to pursue a romantic interest or advance a relationship but the timing isn’t right or other factors need to be considered or adjusted before moving forward.

You may be overlooking important communication from someone close to you because it is difficult to see beyond your immediate needs and desires. Step back and try to be more receptive to what others are trying to convey to you.

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