Transiting Mars on natal Mars: heightened physical energy

transit-mars-mars.jpg Transiting Mars on natal Mars: heightened physical energy

Transiting Mars conjunct natal Mars

Your physical energy is heightened by this transit. You may feel restless and impulsive. Outlets such as physical exercise, dance, athletic pursuits and sports can be essential to helping you stay centered.

Physical labor or projects requiring you to challenge or exert yourself are good ways to channel this boost in energy.

Your drive, ambition and libido are also amplified and your sex life may become more active or adventurous.

If you can channel the energy of sport, competition and fun into your activities, you will have better odds for harnessing your drive to succeed without getting caught in power struggles and irritability.

Conflicts with those around you may erupt and your temper will feel reactive. Be mindful of the temptation to act impulsively, become dominating or defensive, or to become too narrowly focused.

Take your time, accidents are possible during this transit, especially burns or injuries related to overexterting or being in a hurry.

Transiting Mars sextile natal Mars

You have the drive, tenacity and energy to be very successful professionally and in your personal life at this time.

Start a new health program or exercise regime, begin training for a sporting competition or initiate changes to improve your health and stamina.

This is a good time to start new business or career projects requiring you to assert your skills and ideas with confidence. Your independence, efficiency and dynamic energy is appealing to potential employers or business associates and you make a positive impression on others as being a direct, enthusiastic leader.

Your social life may be sparked by passions and interests in physically challenging activities and adventurous undertakings. Sexual energy is also potent for you now and your sex life will be in focus.

Transiting Mars square natal Mars

The urge to do battle over causes, large or small, can have you spinning in circles. You may be burning all your bridges because you are pushing issues which become distractions from your overall goals.

Compromise is difficult but essential for you now.

You may pour physical energy into projects only to find that being in a hurry has led to mistakes which require you to making adjustments.

You may experience delays and obstacles beyond your control. Frustration over this can lead to outbursts and potential problems with coworkers, bosses, peers or family members.

Try to restrain your urges to project your frustration onto those around you. Your temper can get you into regrettable situations, your frenzied pace may result in mistakes or accidents.

Transiting Mars trine natal Mars

Now is the time to forge ahead with plans and projects. You may start on a new path or make significant progress working away at projects already initiated. Use the forward momentum to improve career and business.

You can cover much ground independently right now and may prefer doing three times the work alone to collaborating and splitting the work load in half. You have the energy and drive to succeed and may need to assert boundaries so that you are not distracted by those around you.

This is a good time to initiate new tasks, routines and work requiring physical exertion, courage and leadership. You are assertive with others without being overbearing.

You may also want to take up a sport or explore a passion that requires physical movement such as dance.

Friends who empower you to achieve your goals will be sought out, relationships become immersed in passionate and intense energy.

Transiting Mars opposite natal Mars

You feel compelled to express your individuality and act on your ego desires. This may prove problematic. In relationships you will find compromising difficult at this time. Be mindful not to push your agenda onto others.

Your drive to succeed may become intertwined with your desire to have the last word or conquer others and win arguments by demeaning or through other aggressive tactics. Stick to the goals at hand and don’t get distracted by the need to overpower others.

You may find yourself in power struggles with authority figures in particular male authority figures.

Your work may be a source of frustration as you try to move full speed ahead only to find that others aren’t motivated to follow your lead. You can become intolerant of others or prone to outbursts.

You may also be prone to mistakes that can lead to injury or accidents, or to accidents involving the impulsivity of others.

Transiting Mars quincunx natal Mars

You may get lost in fighting uphill battles just for the sake of expressing your will. You may be energized and focused, only to find out you have been chasing illusions and detours.

Expect to rework projects and plans several times before hitting your target.

Avoid arguments for the sake of argument and conserve your energy. Just because you have strong motivation right now doesn’t mean all actions produce forward momentum. You may end up spinning your wheels or needing to back track and start over after exerting a great deal of physical energy.

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